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  • Wired: Case study: Why National Bank Financial won, Ashton Jobs, Google may acquire Meebo

    Case study: Why National Bank Financial won NATIONAL Bank Financial, an insanely large corporation, won in regard to social media and customer engagement this week. How did they win? Well the NBF Winnipeg Bieber Securities branch sent me a birthday card. When I opened the card, I expected a pre-written non-personalized message. I mean, a company this large, doesn’t have the time to do anything extraordinary right? But to my satisfaction, and awe, at the bottom of the card was a personalized note from the vice president.
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    Chinese government investigates fake Apple Stores China is known for making knock-offs, but who would think that they would start creating rip-off retail stores? The Chinese government has launched an investigation into electronics stores in Kunming. The investigation includes fake Apple Stores that look so real, when customers purchase products they actually believe they are in an Apple Store. The employees even believe they work for Apple. The Associated Press reported five fake Apple stores have been found in the town of Kunming alone. The investigation will be broader than just Kunming; the Chinese government wants to start looking into all electronics business permits and licenses. The Wall Street Journal reported the fake Apple stores owners didn’t even have licences or business permits. Two businesses without licences were closed down and Yu Cheng, who owned three of the fake Apple stores, has now applied to Apple to open an authorized store. Wonder what they’ll say?
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    Google Plus - the real deal Google Plus has been taking the tech nation by storm the past couple of weeks. It's currently in invite-only mode but I assume it will be released to the public within the next few months. The service is essentially Facebook, but with a whack of Google features that Facebook doesn't have, such as video conferencing. On Google Plus you don't always have to text chat, you can dial someone up and talk via video right in the web browser. That to me is super cool and something Facebook should have but doesn't. You can also have up to 10 users on one video chat. Another unique feature they have is Circles. On the web, you may only want to share things with certain people. For instance, I may want to post a status update that only my friends can see but exclude my mom from seeing it. With Google Plus, you can categorize your friends into circles and then when you decide to share something, you can either share to all or pick a circle of people you want to share it to. It's an excellent feature. There is a great video on YouTube that showcases the service, and explains the features in great detail. View it here: http://bit.ly/googleplusdemo
  • Top 5 iPhone games

    Here are my favourite iPhone games -- and the reasons why. In my experience the cheap ones usually end up being the fun ones, because they are simple and anybody can figure them out and play. And my list supports that experience!  
  • iPad + Facebook = about time

    Official Facebook iPad app coming

    It's always struck me as odd that Facebook never developed an application for the iPad. Even my alarm clock has a Facebook app. Currently you can use the iPhone Facebook app on the iPad, but it's very pixelated. Other companies have created Facebook apps, but nothing of exceptional quality.


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