Doug Speirs

  • Here's your weekend weather in Winnipeg

    As a crusading journalist and leading style expert, The Weather Column firmly believes you cannot spend too much time floating around in a hot tub. Which is why we were 10 shades of thrilled Friday morning to grab our beloved rubber ducky Rupert and head down to the RBC Convention Centre to shoot our latest weekend weather video at the 41st annual Home Expressions Home & Garden Show.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye... Late night legends

    As insomniacs already know, award-winning British actor James Corden made his debut this week as the new host of The Late Late Show on CBS. We stayed up past our bedtime to watch, but you don't have to thank us, because that is the sort of sacrifice we are prepared to make to defend the public's right to know.
  • Don't you all have an imaginary friend?

    This gives an entirely new meaning to March Madness. That's what went through my mind this week as I lay on the couch munching taco chips and watching ESPN in a sincere effort to get caught up on the thrilling action in this spring's NCAA men's college basketball tournament.
  • I have to wear pants?

    The editors of this newspaper decided I needed to have a new passport-style photograph of my face taken for the logo that will now accompany my columns. Which meant I was forced to do something Tuesday I normally avoid doing, namely stop shrieking at the contestants on The Price Is Right, get off the couch, and physically drive to our office to have a camera pointed at my face.
  • Winnipeg teen turns passion for animals into ambitious fundraising enterprise

    At 16, you'd think Josh Muyal would be busy complaining about homework, texting on his cellphone, playing sports and zapping evil aliens in the latest video-game craze. Instead, this determined Grade 11 student at the Gray Academy of Jewish Education devotes his spare time to raising money for abused, abandoned and neglected dogs.
  • Beans loom large in future eating

    Get ready to feel warm and fuzzy all over, because I have seen the future and, as far as I can tell, it is packed to the brim with beans. That is just one of the fun and nutritional things I learned Friday afternoon when I dragged myself down to The Forks to once again stuff my face for free as one of the expert judges at the Great Manitoba Food Fight.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye... famous online felines

    Brace yourselves for an urgent newsflash -- another cute cat is scratching up the Internet. This adorable lug's name is Sam, a white cat whose claim to fame is a pair of stunning black eyebrows that give his furry little mug a permanently surprised and curious expression.
  • Your weekend weather

    What with this being the first official weekend weather forecast of spring 2015, we have a special treat for you. We've decided to kick things off by presenting a heartfelt spring-related poem we have been enjoying ever since we were just a little weather column. It goes something like this:
  • Kids will be kids

    It's officially spring, a romantic time when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of stealing a goat. You know there has to be something magical in the air when you stumble on news reports stating three American teens have been arrested for stealing a goat as part of an elaborate scheme to ask a girl on a date.
  • Seeing red over marsala

    The mountains of snow lining your driveway are melting, the Toronto Maple Leafs are polishing their golf clubs, and there are only two more sleeps until spring officially arrives. All these signs point to one undeniable fact -- It's time for Mr. Doug's Annual Spring Fashion Report, wherein a middle-aged, overweight columnist, who believes he is well-dressed if all the holes in his underpants are roughly the same size, offers advice on what you, the gullible fashion victim, will be wearing to cover up your pasty flesh.
  • Burgers tell the world who we are

    If I believe anything, I believe this -- the hamburgers you make say a lot about the kind of human being you've become. If that doesn't make sense to you, chances are you are not making, or eating, enough hamburgers.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye: Cheating death

    Like most movie fans, our heart has pounded like the drummer for a heavy metal band and we've clung to the edge of our seat watching action hero Harrison Ford cheat death on the silver screen. But onscreen thrills are nothing compared with the spine-tingling terror created when a movie legend cheats death in real life.
  • Weekend weather

    The luck of the Irish is with Margaret Gannon -- and that's great news for the rest of us. That's because the 41-year-old hairstylist, for the fourth straight year, has organized Winnipeg's St. Patrick's Day Parade, which starts at 2 p.m. today and will be blessed with unseasonably warm temperatures and skies as bright as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Learning the cold, hard truth

    Just when you are about to lose faith in the younger generation; just when you are starting to think the only thing they care about is tweeting and texting and updating their Facebook status, that is when you will meet a group of socially conscious young people who are so inspiring they will leave you feeling totally inspired. At least that's the way it worked for me Thursday when I visited the University of Manitoba to chat with six students who have agreed to expose their bodies to the harsh elements in a sincere and humanitarian effort to raise cash and awareness for homeless and at-risk youth.
  • Aussie furball the cutest thing ever

    Despite being a professional communicator, I sometimes have difficulty deciphering the messages my wife tries to send me via my ears. The other night, for instance, I was lying on the couch in the den happily absorbed in a TV show about zombies when my wife -- who does not care for zombies, if you can imagine that -- began chuckling quietly to herself.
  • No conga lines or hospitality suites

    Every 32 years, I like to drop in on a political convention to reassure myself democracy is functioning effectively. For instance, in 1983, as a rookie reporter, I helped cover the Progressive Conservatives' national convention in Winnipeg, wherein leader Joe Clark shot himself in the foot and called for a full leadership review, which resulted in Brian Mulroney eventually becoming prime minister.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye... famous film farewells

    Grab a box of tissues and crank up the country songs, because we feel a crying jag coming on. We became a little misty-eyed when Canadian country music superstar Shania Twain announced she will be saddling up this summer for a farewell world tour that will put a cap on a career that saw her win five Grammys and sell more than 75 million records worldwide.
  • Weekend Weather

    Now that The Weather Network has dashed our dreams of an early spring, weary Winnipeggers are forced to search for ways to stay warm and prevent the will to live from leaking out of their ears. As The Weather Column That Cares, we are going to kick off today's weekend forecast with a few suggestions on what you can do to cure the Can't Wait for Spring To Get Here Blues, including:
  • Shocked by modern medicine

    I am not a trained medical professional, but it is pretty easy to diagnose whether your doctor hates you. If you are a standard guy patient such as myself, the first clue comes at the crucial point in your annual physical examination when the doctor snaps on a latex glove, orders you to lie in the fetal position on a paper-covered exam table, then, with a cold look in his eye, advances in the general direction of your medically sensitive area brandishing a finger that, from your vulnerable standpoint, looks to be the size of a piano leg.
  • Unwanted guest -- winter -- lingers

    If you're desperate to escape winter's icy clutches, we have some good news and some bad news for you. Let's start with the good news -- spring is just around the corner.
  • It is the size of the TV that counts

    You know how sometimes your life seems to be rolling along just perfectly and then, when you least expect it -- WHAM! -- something happens that pulls the rug out from under your feet? Well, that's what happened to me the other night when we drove to the home of our friends Pam and Scott to pick them up because we were all attending a gala fundraising evening for the Health Sciences Centre Foundation.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye: Celebrity species

    His career is far from over, but Boston Bruins star goaltender Tuukka Rask has already become an immortal. It's not because he's one of the best goalies in the National Hockey League, although his skill did earn him the Vézina Trophy in 2014.
  • Your weekend weather

    You don't have to thank me, even though you are going to be exceedingly grateful. This is because today, the weather column is going to tell you about an awesome group of young men who will not only entertain your socks off (which can be dangerous in cold weather like this), but will also make you burst with pride about being a Manitoban.
  • Hair-raising tales

    It's a question we have all asked ourselves at one time or another -- how would I react if I received a haircut that looked as if it had been styled by a flock of angry seagulls fighting over a pile of garbage. One option, of course, would be to fly into a blind rage and literally trash the hair salon to make it clear how upset you are with your new look.
  • Make sad people happy

    I spent a couple of hours Tuesday scouring my house from top to bottom searching for the perfect book to read to the kids in Bonnie Slobodian's Grade 6 class at St. Alphonsus School in East Kildonan. That is how I stumbled on an old dog-eared copy of Life's Little Instruction Book, which inspirational author H. Jackson Brown Jr. wrote in 1991 as a gift for his son, Adam, who was heading off for his first year at college.


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