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  • Winnipeg veterinary surgeon Dr. Murray Moffatt gets dogs back in the game after debilitating injury

    It was a typical Sunday night in our house -- I was lying on the couch watching sports while my son, Liam, worked one of our dogs into a frenzy by chasing it around the dining room table. Suddenly, the tranquility of this idyllic scene was shattered by a series of piercing yelps, which prompted me to clamber off the couch and dart out of the den to investigate.
  • Songs I loved, lyrics I can't remember

    We all have a handful of songs that mark the special moments in our lives. Along with being the soundtrack to your life, these are songs that cause you to crank the radio in your car to a decibel level somewhere above nuclear blast, fling open the windows, clench the steering wheel with a white-knuckled grip and belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye: World class women's soccer

    We are wildly passionate about hockey, but the thought of watching world-class soccer this summer is starting to get our fan juices flowing. Winnipeggers are pretty pumped up about watching some of the best soccer players in the world when the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup event arrives in June.
  • Pardon me, are you calling me a snob?

    So you are planning to pour yourself into the convention centre tonight for the final public tasting of this year's Winnipeg Wine Festival in support of Special Olympics Manitoba, are you? Well, let me warn you that, as one of thousands of sophisticated wine lovers going nose-to-nose while sampling more than 500 upscale wines from 135 wineries around the world, you will be entering a veritable minefield, a pressure-packed environment wherein, if you commit a single breach of wine etiquette, your reputation could be blown sky-high.
  • Behold the beauty of Basset in a Box

    I think I speak for Michelangelo, Picasso and the guy who painted Dogs Playing Poker when I say the No. 1 rule for creating a masterpiece is this -- get someone else to do the work for you. That is exactly what I planned to do this week when I was invited to transform an innocent cigar box into a work of art to be auctioned off Sunday at the Funky Junk Cuban Brunch & Art Auction in support of ArtsJunktion.
  • Precious little time for beer's brilliance

    What with Saturday being sunny and warm, my wife and I decided to celebrate by parking ourselves on one of the city's many fine patios. We chose the one outside the Barley Brothers craft-beer pub near Polo Park because, as I helpfully informed my wife, they serve somewhere around 140 different kinds of brew.
  • Beware: Super Crotchety Old Geezer is watching you

    Have you ever spent any time wondering what life would be like if you were a totally awesome superhero? Of course you have. You have probably imagined what amazing super powers — flight, invisibility, super strength — you would possess and what your sexy hero’s costume — stretchy neon-bright Spandex — would look like.
  • Top 5: Famous facts about the Stanley Cup

    It’s almost the only thing patriotic residents of the True North talk about at this time of year. Whether you call it the Stanley Cup, Lord Stanley’s Mug, or just the Cup, it is the Holy Grail of hockey supremacy and fills the dreams of obsessed Canadian fans even before they are old enough to strap on skates.
  • Let's talk trash to keep downtown clean

    There's no better way to spend a cold, windy Winnipeg morning than wandering around grimy downtown streets picking up garbage. That's what I learned Wednesday morning when, shortly after rolling out of bed and before I'd had even a single cup of coffee, I found myself staggering around the city's core stuffing trash into garbage bags.
  • Snoring too loud? Blow a flute

    Get ready to celebrate in a quiet manner, kids, because it's National Stop Snoring Week. I know this because I have just received an alarming email from the local offices of a company called RANA Respiratory Care Group, which conducts sleep studies and helps diagnose and treat people who snore or suffer from sleep apnea, which is when you stop breathing while you sleep due to the collapse of soft tissues in your upper airway.
  • I fenced with a fence and lived to tell about it

    I am sick and tired of being the least handy guy in our neighbourhood. Just once I'd like to be the guy who makes everyone else envious because of his encyclopedic knowledge of home repair and yard maintenance.
  • Tantalizing rash of rasher stories

    I was walking back to my office cubicle the other day, thinking important journalistic thoughts, when I spotted something unusual poking out of my mail slot at the front of the newsroom. When I snatched up the brightly coloured mystery box, I discovered it was a surprise gift, the sort of thing that would brighten any guy's day -- the Perfect Bacon Bowl, a quirky kitchen gadget that resembles an upside-down muffin tin and enables you to turn strips of bacon into a delicious bowl.
  • For those who can't get enough of me

    As a crusading journalist committed to defending the public's right to know, there are two things I really love. For starters, I love doing videos. They are a brilliant and creative way to deliver information to you, a hip and happening consumer with an inquiring mind, in a timely and entertaining fashion.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye: Fowl play

    We don't wish to create widespread panic, but another major celebrity has been rushed to hospital, and fowl play is suspected. It seems supermodel Christie Brinkley was vacationing in Turks and Caicos over the Easter weekend when she tried to rescue a bird in distress -- and that's when the feathers began to fly.
  • Prehistoric postage

    I think most of us would agree nothing says on-time, state-of-the-art mail delivery like a gigantic prehistoric monster with a brain the size of a walnut. That's what my editors were thinking when they learned Canada Post is about to release a series of five stamps featuring dinosaurs that used to stomp around Western Canada millions of years before the Conservative party was invented.
  • Does this purse make me look sexy?

    Scientifically speaking, there are significant differences between single guys and married guys. For instance, if a single guy is lying on the couch watching a football game and his girlfriend informs him she is going to the mall to shop for clothes, the single guy will glance at her and say... nothing, because he needs to use all his mental energy to determine whether a receiver had both feet in bounds when he caught a pass.
  • Chocolate-free zone free no more

    I did something incredibly dangerous over the holiday weekend. Call me a reckless daredevil with fire in his eyes and no regard for personal safety if you want, but I voluntarily got my wife some chocolate for Easter.
  • NFL's super blunders

    Another day, another black eye for the beleaguered National Football League. The latest bad news came this week when the Atlanta Falcons were penalized for -- you are going to find this one hard to believe -- illegally pumping pre-recorded crowd noise into their stadium during home games over the last two seasons.
  • Pal spins a squirrelly story

    I'm not exactly sure how the topic came up. It was the other day, and I was having lunch at Marion Street Eatery with my buddies Jordan Van Sewell, the renowned Winnipeg sculptor, and Big Daddy Tazz, one of Canada's most popular standup comedians.
  • Spouse's departure a dish disaster

    It's one of the great unsolved mysteries of the universe, comparable to the Loch Ness Monster and how they get all that gooey caramel inside the Caramilk bar. I am referring here to the mysterious way dirty dishes keep piling up in the kitchen when your spouse -- for the purposes of today's column, I am assuming you have a spouse -- decides to leave you on your own for a few days.
  • Here's your weekend weather in Winnipeg

    As a crusading journalist and leading style expert, The Weather Column firmly believes you cannot spend too much time floating around in a hot tub. Which is why we were 10 shades of thrilled Friday morning to grab our beloved rubber ducky Rupert and head down to the RBC Convention Centre to shoot our latest weekend weather video at the 41st annual Home Expressions Home & Garden Show.
  • Trending that caught Doug's eye... Late night legends

    As insomniacs already know, award-winning British actor James Corden made his debut this week as the new host of The Late Late Show on CBS. We stayed up past our bedtime to watch, but you don't have to thank us, because that is the sort of sacrifice we are prepared to make to defend the public's right to know.
  • Don't you all have an imaginary friend?

    This gives an entirely new meaning to March Madness. That's what went through my mind this week as I lay on the couch munching taco chips and watching ESPN in a sincere effort to get caught up on the thrilling action in this spring's NCAA men's college basketball tournament.
  • I have to wear pants?

    The editors of this newspaper decided I needed to have a new passport-style photograph of my face taken for the logo that will now accompany my columns. Which meant I was forced to do something Tuesday I normally avoid doing, namely stop shrieking at the contestants on The Price Is Right, get off the couch, and physically drive to our office to have a camera pointed at my face.
  • Winnipeg teen turns passion for animals into ambitious fundraising enterprise

    At 16, you'd think Josh Muyal would be busy complaining about homework, texting on his cellphone, playing sports and zapping evil aliens in the latest video-game craze. Instead, this determined Grade 11 student at the Gray Academy of Jewish Education devotes his spare time to raising money for abused, abandoned and neglected dogs.


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