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  • Uh-oh, looks like players, owners digging in

    There is some bad news and some mildly disturbing news. Which would you prefer to read first? The only stories a team and a fan base coming off a 3-15 season look forward to in the off-season are those about flittering butterflies and the aroma of honeydew melons, so it is time to be as delicate as possible when I share a couple of eye openers from the last few days.
  • All hype and no hope for washed-up former NFL star

    Chad Johnson as a member of the Montreal Alouettes? Ocho-I don't think so. In news heard around the world last week, the Montreal Alouettes confirmed former NFL Pro Bowl receiver Chad "formerly known as Ochocinco" Johnson will be working out and attending their mini-camp in Florida, which begins today.
  • Blue growing pains likely

    The odds are not always in our favour. There is a lot to like about what is happening, and what has happened so far in Bomberland for 2014, but what should our expectations be in year one for yet another new regime and head coach that have taken control of the franchise?
  • Winnipeg fans exude negativity — because they care

    Multiple Juno award winners Tegan and Sara have only been booed once in their careers — “ the Winnipeg Folk Festival.” Justin Bieber didn’t even attend the Junos Sunday night and was booed heartily after winning his fourth Fan Choice Award. Hockey parents now have to take an online course to learn about sportsmanship in this province and last week, Bryan Little of the Jets remarked how Winnipeg is distinguished by its negativity.
  • Winnipeg fans exude negativity -- because they care

    Multiple Juno award winners Tegan and Sara have only been booed once in their careers -- " the Winnipeg Folk Festival." Justin Bieber didn't even attend the Junos Sunday night and was booed heartily after winning his fourth Fan Choice Award. Hockey parents now have to take an online course to learn about sportsmanship in this province and last week, Bryan Little of the Jets remarked how Winnipeg is distinguished by its negativity.
  • Flag the CFL for backwards logic

    If you can't make the officials better, why not make their jobs easier? Such is the seemingly backwards logic being put to the test in the CFL right now, as the rules committee has submitted several proposals for approval, the most noticeable being the suggestion pass interference now be a reviewable call on instant replay.
  • Good news: Blue may not lose a single game in 2014

    In 2010, the year the previous collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was about to be signed, there was much trepidation from both the CFL player's union executive, and the player representatives, about whether we could trust and count on a "partnership" -- in dealings going forward -- with the league. It now appears that this concern was warranted.
  • Glenn only as good as team around him

    At their current level of development, Kevin Glenn is an upgrade over every single quarterback on the Winnipeg Blue Bomber roster, but he is not the pivot this team should move forward with. In the ongoing Glenn sweepstakes, there are said to be two remaining franchises interested in acquiring his services. Rumour has it the B.C. Lions and the Blue and Gold are waiting patiently for Ottawa GM Marcel Desjardins to awaken from his dream-like state and lower the asking price for this accomplished and tenured CFL veteran.
  • Seal of the inner sanctum ruptured

    As dramatic a change as we've seen in concussion protocol over the past few years, change to the locker-room environment is expected to be just as severe, if not more pronounced, in pro football going forward. The latest in the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito fiasco has Incognito checking himself into a psychiatric unit after the release of Ted Wells' 144-page report last Thursday.
  • Superior Olympics threaten Bettman

    Let's be honest and just come out and say it: The NHL feels threatened by the Olympics. Do not digest the tripe that tells us that NHL owners don't like Olympic hockey because they are solely concerned with a John Tavares-type situation (MCL & meniscus tear) befalling their team.
  • Openly gay player's top NFL challenge

    The biggest obstacle in front of Michael Sam, the NFL prospect who recently and publicly announced he is gay, is probably not what you would expect. In my estimation, for most players in the NFL, he will simply be another athlete with a different story to tell. For those players who will have a problem with him, by the time he arrives at the team facility for the first time, even the thickest of them will have learned of the consequences for intolerant opinions and insensitive comments.
  • How hard can it be to lure players to Winnipeg?

    I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is free agency begins today and your local football team is flush with cash and cap room. The bad news is it's hard to get players to sign here in Winnipeg these days... or is it?
  • Manning's great, will never be the greatest

    Ok, so maybe comparing Russell Wilson to a blind poodle with three legs squaring off against a Siberian tiger-esque Peyton Manning wasn't the best analogy I've ever come up with -- especially since the Denver Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks by 35 points on Superbad Sunday. Even though I predicted a final score of 46-6 (it was actually 43-8), I was Superwrong about the Seahawks being on the short side of that ledger, and ended my playoff forecasting at 9-2.
  • Deciding to dislike Sherman wasn't hard

    Last weekend, in sixteen seconds of post-game interview, Richard Sherman divided the sport spectating community into two groups -- those of us who didn't like what we saw or heard, and those of us who felt it was no big thing, explainable, and not representative of what and who he is. In the nine days since the interview, I have read column upon column, opinion after opinion, explaining, excusing, rationalizing and rarely condemning what happened. For those of us who were critical, we were asked to unearth the reason for our reaction and shortsightedness in passing judgment on someone we didn't know. It was thought we didn't pay enough attention to the circumstances surrounding the interview.
  • Manning vs. Wilson = Siberian tiger vs. blind poodle

    Allow me to be the first to congratulate the Seattle Seahawks on their victory in the NFC championship game, and on their impending loss in the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos. Outside of automatically rooting against this team -- simply because Richard Sherman is a buffoon of colossal proportions -- this is also a quarterback mismatch of similar proportions.
  • Some do's and don'ts new Bombers boss should heed

    Just like Claude Noel, it is inevitable that Mike O'Shea will be fired. It is simply a matter of when. Since the 2000 football season, the Bombers have given seven different head coaches the reins of the franchise. Two of these seven had previously been head coaches, and O'Shea is now the fifth consecutive one that will lose his head-coaching virginity in Blue and Gold.
  • Colts could ride comeback long way

    Professional football teams battle and joust with one another all season long, often for something that ends up being completely useless: the bye week. It doesn't matter if you made the playoffs by hook or crook, and whether you're the first seed or the sixth seed; as long as you get in, anything can happen. In the CFL this year, the Toronto Argonauts won the Eastern Division and the Calgary Stampeders took the West. They did everything in their powers to ensure and secure they had a "win and in" scenario. They had an extra week of rest, an extra week of preparation and an extra week of game planning. All they had to do was win one game at home. Neither team could get it done.
  • Body by Brown: Getting Bombers fit for '14

    It's the time of year for resolutions, when hordes of people take stock of their health and well-being and vow to improve and do something about it in the coming months. In the spirit of this self-improvement, if the Winnipeg Football Club had been a physical being in the 2013 CFL season, its resting heart rate would have been 120 beats per minute and its body-mass index a morbidly obese 42.
  • NFL in danger of ruining its own game

    The tackling options these days are best described by the words of a rebel warlord in the 2006 movie Blood Diamond when he queried, "Short sleeve, or long sleeve?" It is a little dramatic, to be sure, comparing the option of having your arm or wrist chopped off with the decision-making of tacklers in 2013, but the point is there are no good options anymore. Hit someone too high, or get hit high, and you are either fined or subject to concussions and possible brain trauma. Hit someone low or get hit low, and your season/career can be ended by a ligament tear, or you are vilified as a coward.
  • Secrecy surrounding protected list pure B.S.

    Movies have been made about the acquisition and revelation of secret information. There have been Mission Impossibles planned to recover it, and it has been the objective of more than one James Bond assignment. It is the new contraband of the CFL, clouded in secrecy to shield its players from the truth, and with a street value that will only increase as the days go by. It is all about the names that were, and were not on, "the list."
  • Expect new Blue field boss to set pace

    It is not every year a professional football team replaces its CEO, president, general manager, head coach, assistant GM, and soon to be offensive and defensive co-ordinators, along with possibly all the other position coaches too. Yet when you score the fewest points in the 2013 regular CFL season, give up the most points, and tie the franchise record for fewest wins ever, it's better to err on the side of total reconstructive surgery.
  • Blue should get a pivot now

    With the deadline for CFL teams to submit their protected lists only six days away, the strategy for how the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will try to acquire a franchise quarterback should be coming into focus. Now that the Ottawa Redblacks have declared they do not intend to select players who may not be under contract in 2014, there is an emerging school of thought the Bombers should sit back and wait to make their moves until free agency begins on Feb. 15.
  • Ticats were doomed from the get-go

    The Hamilton Tiger-Cats never had a chance. This was not a game between the Eastern and Western representatives of the Canadian Football League.
  • Weather will leave Ticats out in cold

    When it comes to picking a winner in a championship game, it is critical to not be bogged down by all of the variables. Scribes and fans alike will look at match-up histories, injury reports, recent trends, and home field advantages, before weighing it all, measuring it, and coming up with a favourite.
  • Football the most primitive of sports

    With his actions, Jonathan Martin is making the NFL locker-room accountable to the standards and practices of a typical work environment. The only problem with this is the locker-room in professional football is anything but typical, and unlikely to change anytime soon. If you aren't up to speed with the goings on of the Miami Dolphins, here is what you need to know. Martin used to play offensive tackle for the team. He left because he says he was bullied, hazed and harassed -- mainly by Richie Incognito -- to the point he had to seek treatment for emotional distress.


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