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  • PRAIRIE GARDENER: Don't fall behind now

    Thank goodness we got to revel in the past four weeks of summer weather during September when the tomatoes seemed to ripen all at once and that last little bit of enjoyment could be squeezed from the garden. But, the party is over now that fall has arrived and winter is on its way. Next spring, you'll be grateful for anything you get accomplished now before the snow flies. The window of opportunity to clean up the clutter can be short before winter sets in. Fall is also a great time to plant any trees, shrubs and perennials and get hardy bulbs into the ground. Seeding bare patches of lawn is best done during cool, moist fall weather.
  • PRAIRIE GARDENER: Blossom thief plagues mystery garden plant

    Q: This plant just grew in my flower garden without any help from me. Does it look like a pumpkin plant to you? I have a problem, though: Something keeps cutting off the blossoms as you can see in the picture. Can you tell me what type of garden pest would cut them off as clean as that? Almost as though they'd been cut with a knife. I would appreciate any observations.
  • Forced flowers

    It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

    Or is it?

  • Back to her roots

    There's a dearth of new gardening shows on television lately, but Winnipegger Coleen Rajotte is breaking new ground by producing and hosting the first-ever series on horticulture from an indigenous perspective -- and it's all home-grown.

    Vitality Gardening is the latest endeavour from the award-winning journalist, who has a Cree and Métis background. It combines traditional and contemporary wisdom about growing healthy food in our cold climate using completely organic methods. It's an entertaining and educational show on APTN -- ideal for novice gardeners but also reaffirming established ideology for experts with well-worn green thumbs.


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