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  • The gaps and the cap

    Imagine the frustration -- let alone the pure anguish -- of putting down a ton of cash on a horse only to see it hobble to the finish line, one beast after another passing it and kicking up mud in its face along the way. The Winnipeg Jets-in-name-only squad that fell 1-0 to the Minnesota Wild Monday night was without a pile of regulars, including captain Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien, Mark Scheifele, Chris Thorburn, James Wright, Zach Bogosian, Keaton Ellerby, Grant Clitsome and Al Montoya.
  • Could Monty be No. 1?

    AL MONTOYA has spent 10 years as a professional puckstopper, kicking out saves for three different NHL teams, three minor-league squads and, on several occasions, in the red, white and blue of the good ol' USA. But somewhere along the way -- likely between being traded twice by NHL teams and suffering through myriad injuries before signing dirt-cheap as a free agent with the Winnipeg Jets -- the former first-round draft pick has been typecast as a backup.
  • What's next in Jetsville?

    They last broke a sweat in a game some 19 days ago in St. Louis, just shortly before four of their own began their chase for Olympic glory and others disappeared to warmer climes. So just to rewind, when we last saw the Winnipeg Jets in action they were playing their best hockey of the season, obviously energized by a coaching change and with confidence levels soaring.
  • Soar or nosedive in second half?

    Shake off the lingering after-effects of holiday indulgence -- the turkey and trimmings, the eggnog, the frankincense and myrrh -- and gather around the newspaper, Winnipeg Jets fans. Yes, as much as the first chunk of the season has served up more disappointment than glory, there remains plenty of time -- what with 52.4 per cent of their National Hockey League season left -- for this confounding squad to get back into the playoff conversation...
  • QB carousel is ready to spin

    A quick glance at the calendar reveals Christmas -- that holy and wondrous day of celebration, gift-giving and receiving -- is just nine days away. And while Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans are giddily rubbing their hands together for a spiffy new starting quarterback to be magically delivered under the tree, they might have to wait until well into the new year to have their wishes granted.
  • Jets return home from road trip with a few knocks in the engine; perhaps a little maintenance is all that's needed

    Funny thing about pit stops, like the one the Winnipeg Jets have pulled in for following their quick tour of their new Central Division neighbourhood: Sometimes when the ol' jalopy checks in and gets a quick once over from the pit crew all it takes is a little tinkering here and there to get the car purring for the next few laps. And on other occasions when the hood is popped open, some serious uh-ohs are discovered.
  • Talk about a tough sell

    Sometime in the next few months the good folks in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers marketing department will put their aching heads together and begin tossing around ideas for what will easily be the toughest gig in all of professional sports: Coming up with a catchy phrase to sell the 2014 edition of your local football squad.
  • Bombers' pitch must be perfect to woo fans next season

    Sometime in the next few months the good folks in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers marketing department will put their aching heads together and begin tossing around ideas for what will easily be the toughest gig in all of professional sports: Coming up with a catchy phrase to sell the 2014 edition of your local football squad.
  • This rivalry could get really Wild

    ST. PAUL, MINN. -- It's late -- not last-call late, but a good 90 minutes after the Minnesota Wild have edged the Winnipeg Jets in pre-season action -- when a couple of visiting newspaper hacks exit the Xcel Energy Center looking for a cab. Spying one at a watering hole right across the street, the pair hustle over just in time to overhear the following from inside the packed joint...
  • Playoffs or bust?

    One by one they stood at the same spot at the MTS Iceplex and spit out -- more or less -- the same answer to the same innocuous question about how their summers went. "Too long," said Zach Bogosian, a response that was parroted by Evander Kane and Ondrej Pavelec and Andrew Ladd.
  • Blue entering no fans land

    Heads have rolled from the executive offices right down to the men in the locker room. And it's clear more changes are on the horizon. Three different quarterbacks have started games and, still, there appears to be no clear-cut answer to the franchise's most glaring need.
  • Clitsome signing part of Chevy's plan to piece together Jets lineup

    If the stars and moons were to all align perfectly in Kevin Cheveldayoff's galaxy -- and that's always a big if in the whacked out world of the National Hockey League -- then by this time next week he'll have plugged a few gaping holes on the Winnipeg Jets roster. The Jets' boss is still scrambling to upgrade the team's thin right side, even after swapping picks for Michael Frolik from the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday. He has question marks on the third and fourth lines with Nik Antropov, Antti Miettinen, Mike Santorelli and Kyle Wellwood all becoming unrestricted free agents on Friday.
  • He's Mensa material

    The skill is there, that much is clear. A guy doesn't go 13th overall in the National Hockey League Draft without having the tools to make scouts drool. But ask around the hockey world about Josh Morrissey and invariably the first terms mentioned to describe the Winnipeg Jets' 2013 first-round draft choice are things such as "hockey IQ" and "competitiveness," "upside" and "character" -- intangibles not measured by the scoring summary.
  • Chevy looking to move up

    JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- There was a moment Saturday when the tall and the short of the 2013 NHL Draft -- both literally and figuratively -- was on display in a hotel lobby, with the diminutive Max Domi spotted walking alongside mammoth defenceman Samuel Morin. Upstairs conference rooms were buzzing as four NHL teams -- the Winnipeg Jets, Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames -- are all sharing space in the same hotel, all conducting last-minute player interviews, all sharing chatter and gossip in the hours before today's draft.
  • Time for Jets' scouts to relax

    NEW YORK -- The Winnipeg Jets have stockpiled 10 picks in the 2013 NHL Draft, tied for the most among their rivals with Buffalo, Los Angeles and Nashville. Now the question is, will director of amateur scouting Marcel Comeau and the scouting staff hear 10 different names called out by his boss Kevin Cheveldayoff, or will some of them be moved?
  • Lucky 13?

    NEW YORK -- Watching a National Hockey League GM at work on draft day is a bit like taking in a juggling act at the carnival. A juggling act featuring chainsaws... with the juggler blindfolded and walking a high wire. Yes, there can be a lot going on when 30 NHL GMs gather in one room sporting itchy trigger fingers, with the salary cap dropping and 29 of them -- everybody but Stan Bowman of the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks -- trying to find the missing piece(s) to get their squad into the winner's circle.
  • Blue banking on continuity

    Tim Burke rolled the question around in his brain for a moment or two, but then didn't hesitate spitting out his answer. Earlier this week -- the pre-season losses still burning and the focus quickly shifting to tonight's 2013 season opener -- the Winnipeg Blue Bomber boss was asked what he liked most about his squad.
  • Centre of attention

    Seldom are the days when Mark Scheifele doesn't find himself at the gym and carefully considering every morsel of food he stuffs into his belly. He's this close, after all, to fulfilling his dream of making it to the NHL -- and this time sticking -- as a member in good standing with the Winnipeg Jets. And so every moment he is awake, every decision he makes is geared toward taking that next step from prospect to pro.
  • 5 storylines


    Let's all agree on this: the Bombers' No. 1 QB -- that would be Pierce, for those of you who slept in -- is tired of questions about his durability. The press horde who covers this team is weary of writing/discussing/dissecting the issue over and over again. And, certainly, Bomber faithful have had it up to here debating it all.

  • You better take that back!

    There are moments when both Trevor Kennedy and Jameze Massey will admit everything seems all so new, all so foreign. Now, truth be told, the plot line to their stories -- strangers in a strange land chasing a football dream -- is one that has been told and re-told at every Winnipeg Blue Bomber camp dating back to the days of leather helmets.
  • Jets need more everything

    The face of the Stanley Cup playoffs is a bearded one. It features a facial gash of some sort, perhaps a blackened eye. It is bleary-eyed, but determined. This is the toughest trophy to win in pro sports because it takes 16 wins spread out over a couple of months against four different opponents. It takes skill and talent to be sure, but also equal amounts of grit and resiliency.
  • New Blue stadium lives up to the hype; now it's up to you

    We begin today with a confession: Yours truly is a sucker for gimmicks, easily distracted by shiny objects and often influenced by advertising hype. An example: Last winter we bought an ergonomic toilet seat which featured "injection moulded polypropylene construction." Sounds amazing, right?
  • Windy conditions for Motown

    Full disclosure: The first name yours truly scribbled atop my Hart Trophy ballot before submitting it late last month -- and it was done without a nanosecond of hesitation -- was Jonathan Toews. Full disclosure, part deux: When the National Hockey League announced last Friday its three finalists for the Hart -- awarded to the player "adjudged to be the most valuable to his team" -- and the Chicago Blackhawks' captain wasn't among them, the first reaction from this corner went something like:
  • It's broke - Fix it

    It is traditionally a day all about sifting for silver linings and spitting out answers on positive steps forward and building blocks. It's about looking in the mirror, of coming back stronger next year and blah, de-blah, blah. The Winnipeg Jets are used to this now, having been there, done that last year and in the four springs before in Atlanta. And so, as they gathered Friday for exit meetings and one last required session with the media, there was an all-too-familiar feel to it all for those asking the questions and those answering them.
  • Weak, flat, Jets no longer on top

    MONTREAL -- They are a beaten, lifeless lot. But, just so we're clear: There is no truth to the rumour that instead of flying home on a charter, the Winnipeg Jets were toe-tagged and wheeled the entire distance on a gurney. Although that may be the best analogy for where this crew is right now.


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