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  • This is crunch time

    Which road leads to the Stanley Cup playoffs? No need for a map. The Winnipeg Jets are headed the right way.
  • Brain comes first to Jets

    TORONTO -- If indeed neurosurgeon and concussion researcher Dr. Julian Bailes has found a successful way to test living and active patients for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), he'll have some attentive parties in the Winnipeg Jets locker-room. Bailes told TSN this week he's about to publish a study that shows he and his UCLA research team have been able to diagnose the brain disease and its destructive tau protein in living subjects.
  • Hockey world taking notice

    The axles on the bandwagon are starting to carry a load. A rather remarkable 11 days by the Winnipeg Jets has certainly pleased Jets Nation but elbow room is now shrinking because eyes from elsewhere in the hockey world have suddenly caught on.
  • 'Defence' defines Jets

    As the Winnipeg Jets launch into the meat of their season, they're about to do so in a whole new way. The Jets went past the quarter-pole of the NHL's 82-game campaign with their 21st game Thursday night, a 4-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.
  • Pavelec is in the zone

    MONTREAL -- Put away the magnifying glass. That about sums up advice from Winnipeg Jets goalie coach Wade Flaherty on the matter of Ondrej Pavelec's fine start to the 2014-15 season.
  • What's it gonna be fans? Trash talk or maturity?

    Negative is so easy, and the Winnipeg Jets provide plenty of ammunition. They've been unable to make any real on-ice breakthrough since relocating here more than three years ago.
  • Cup field bursting with top swingers

    Six recent winners including this year's on-fire player Joel Dahmen are ready to take on Pine Ridge Golf Club for next week's $150,000 Players Cup, the fifth event of the PGA Tour Canada season. Dahmen has won two of the three 2014 events so far and is the runaway leader of the money list and the race for "The Five" automatic graduation spots to the Web.com Tour.
  • Jets hit pause button

    It's a matter of record what Paul Maurice has said he's here to do. One, make the playoffs. And two, "Set in place the foundation of a game that we will play," the new coach said.
  • First, the good news... Paul Maurice loves a challenge

    At the start of his tenure as the second coach of the Winnipeg Jets 2.0, there's good and bad news about Paul Maurice. The bad news is the team he takes over still owns the same history and characteristics it had a week or a month ago -- just one playoff appearance in Atlanta/Winnipeg franchise history and in Winnipeg days, only infrequent proficiency at defence.
  • Reading between the lines

    Given he's the ultimate hockey boss of True North and the Winnipeg Jets, GM Kevin Cheveldayoff stood under a hot light on Sunday afternoon.  
  • First 41 go slip-slidin' away

    Whether the first half of their NHL season will turn out to have been wasted cannot yet be determined. Much can happen in the second half, which for the Jets begins tonight with a home game against the Buffalo Sabres.
  • Creaking Jets need oil

    PHILADELPHIA -- The signs were there that this six-game road trip wasn't going to be featuring a well-oiled machine. Even the NHL's well-oiled machines have their off-days, of course, but the Winnipeg Jets just haven't been convincing in recent games, even though they've been pretty competitive.
  • Crunching the numbers

    One of the most popular questions about the Winnipeg Jets has been: "Are they any better for 2013-14?" The definitive answer comes at the end of the season -- still more than five months away -- but enough of a sample size is starting to reveal some of the evidence.
  • Jets' version of 'Breaking Bad'

    BANFF, Alta. -- This is not rocket science, though you could describe it as tricky it its own way, hockey's version of getting the chemistry just right. Welcome to the Winnipeg Jets' $64-million question for 2013-14 -- just how can we optimize Evander Kane?
  • Expect Kings-Blackhawks series to feature lots of dangerous play and cheap shots

    Underdogs need not apply -- this spring's Stanley Cup playoffs are for legitimate heavyweights only. When the Western Conference final gets underway Saturday afternoon (4 p.m., TSN), we will find the NHL's best regular-season team, the Chicago Blackhawks, against the defending Cup champs, the Los Angeles Kings.
  • Beasts of the East

    The unworthy are dispatched by the third round of the Stanley Cup playoffs this spring, leaving four legitimate potential champions. In the Eastern Conference, both remaining teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins, are recent Cup winners with plenty of know-how when it comes to games at this level.
  • Canadian tour can start living up to potential

    Knowing some of the history of the former Canadian Professional Golf tour, you'd say it was about due for better days. The ups and downs have been many over three decades but changing the organization's name to PGA Tour Canada for 2013 and beyond is way more than putting lipstick on a double bogey.
  • Looks like same old for Pens

    There are analysts and pundits who, when they place themselves in the role of the Pittsburgh Penguins for the upcoming second round of the NHL's Eastern Conference playoffs, see much of the same coming. That is, the Ottawa Senators, the Pens' second-round opponent, look a lot like the New York Islanders and that should be cause for much worry in Pittsburgh, given the Pens needed an unexpected six games, including two overtime wins, to dispatch the speedy Islanders.
  • Playoffs or no, faith in future is warranted

    BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The immediate days ahead will yield joy or bitter disappointment in Jets Nation. When the goal is qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it's so close you can just taste that atmosphere that goes along with a post-season beverage, these are the extreme emotions in play. It's going to be one or the other, that much is certain.
  • Chevy's dander up over baseless Scheifele chatter

    Cool. Focused. Confident. This is Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff.
  • An opportunity on ice: Puck drops tonight for young hopefuls

    There's already a winner before the puck goes down this morning to start the inaugural Female World Sport School Challenge at the MTS Iceplex. Eight prep-school teams from across the country, from East, Central and West, will contest Hockey Canada's first event of its kind, but the game is way ahead no matter who gets the gold.
  • Penalty-kill unit sending out an SOS

    It's more than safe to say that this can't go on. Should the Winnipeg Jets continue to kill penalties at the rate they have in the last seven days, this 48-game season will seem like another 15 years of no-NHL purgatory.
  • Jets put on sorry exhibition

    TAMPA BAY, Fla. -- Well, of course they didn't mean to do it. But the Winnipeg Jets, who on occasion have lamented the lack of pre-season games for anyone in this lockout-shortened season, went out and played one on Friday night at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.
  • Noel laments costly mistakes

    MONTREAL -- They have only themselves to blame. While Winnipeg Jets coach Claude Noel joined many of his NHL coaching brothers in scratching his head at curious penalty calls, those that occurred Tuesday night at the Bell Centre against the Montreal Canadiens were not the central issue.
  • Good to see some defensive mettle

    In the face of adversity, the Winnipeg Jets did something different than last season. Friday night at the MTS Centre, rocked by a pair of first-period goals by Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, the Jets did not start looking ahead to their next game.


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