Shannon Sampert

  • Women settling into politics

    When's the last time someone asked Premier Gary Doer what he's done for men lately?

    For Doer, there's no expectation that he will represent men more avidly than women. There's no expectation that he must take into account his gender while doing his job. And while some of my cynical colleagues will say everything Doer does is aimed at helping men, he's not required to actively speak on behalf of men, simply because he is a man.

  • It's a scandal!

    Political scandals are nothing new, but how we talk about political scandal has definitely changed.

    The genesis of the modern media scandal in politics can be found in the coverage in the 1970s of the Watergate break-in. The story was transformative, changing forever the relationship between the media and government and fostering a new brand of reportage -- investigative journalism.


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