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Comments, April 18

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University or trade school?

Re: Blue-collar premium (April 17).

Look around, many of the students taking political science and any of the other social-engineering courses seem to end up jobless carrying protest signs.

The students who took a trade are too busy ......


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    Letters, April 17

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  • FP Comments, April 17

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    CWB sold

    Re: Government privatizes wheat board in deal with G3 Global Grain Group (April 15). Classic. Harper won't let Canada ...

  • Twitter, April 17

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    CBC layoffs

    Just heard about the devastating cuts to CBC. So many talented people lost their jobs today. Canadian journalism ...

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    04/16/2015 3:00 AM 0

    Trudeau decides?

    Justin Trudeau now says he is 'unequivocally opposed' to Liberal-NDP coalition.


    Not willing to work with Mulcair to replace Harper ...

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    Let's get along, guys

    Re: Too much at stake in Chipman-Bowman impasse (April 15).

    It seems to me this whole issue rests ...

  • Twitter, April 15

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    Rondeau steps down

    Thanks are due for Jim Rondeau for his years of service to Manitoba.


    A distinguished career. Thank you for ...

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    Who runs the country?

    Re: Tory crime agenda dealt a blow (April 14). Once again, reason prevails thanks to the Supreme ...

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    MGEU poll was biased

    Re: The Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU) survey done by Probe Research (Maintaining public services ...

  • Twitter, April 14

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    Vancouver oil spill

    World-class spill response will take years. Ask the U.S. coast guard. The Vancouver oil spill proves we're not ...

  • FP comments, April 14

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    MGEU survey

    Re: Manitobans pick government services over tax cuts and a balanced budget in survey (April 12). Who in their ...

  • Letters, April 13

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    Thank you, Judge Hughes

    Ted Hughes' column (Judge calls out bad decision, April 11) should be mandatory reading for every Manitoban. ...