September 3, 2015

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The Sou'wester | @SouwesterWPG

Sep 3 2:32 pm

Bell tower gatherings a powerful grassroots initiative: #cbn @AYOmovement

The Sou'wester | @SouwesterWPG

Sep 3 12:20 pm

Catch up with old SMA classmates: #RiverHeights #cbn

The Sou'wester | @SouwesterWPG

Sep 3 11:11 am

Meet the plant whisperer of #LordRoberts: #cbn

The Sou'wester | @SouwesterWPG

Sep 3 10:20 am

Construction begins on new 48 space daycare set to open in 2016 : #cbn #RiverHeights

The Sou'wester | @SouwesterWPG

Sep 3 9:32 am

Community correspondent Helen Lepp Friesen reports on Meet Me at the Bell Tower: #cbn @AYOmovement

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