August 4, 2015

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Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Aug 4 1:02 pm

Nutritious recipes just one ingredient of budget-friendly cookbook

Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Aug 4 1:00 pm

#Winnipeg Mosquito Status: MEDIUM; citywide trap average: 10. More trap counts:

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 12:28 pm

Expropriation inquiry breaking for lunch, resuming at 1:45. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 12:26 pm

Radstrom: no studies examined green house gas emissions on longer Parker route. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 12:22 pm

Radstrom: difficult to attribute transit ridership increases solely to 1st phase of BRT. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

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