August 4, 2015

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Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 2:12 pm

Radstrom: may never need to convert to LRT, as BRT has high carrying capacity. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 2:10 pm

Radstrom: Parker route can serve more neighbourhoods than Letellier route. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 2:05 pm

Mercury: Parker route was supposed to be cheaper to built but early cost estimates found that's not so. #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 1:59 pm

Radstrom: final design for BRT corridor won't be completed until spring of 2016 #wpgpoli #wpgcouncil

Aldo Santin | @aldosantin

Aug 4 1:57 pm

Radstrom: city reconfiguring Brenda Leipsic dog park as a result of BRT corridor #wpgpoli #wpgouncil

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