September 2, 2015

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Charleswood - St. James - Assiniboia


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Current MP: Steven Fletcher, Conservative
Population: 81,470
Population eligible to vote (Canadians over age 18): 61,895
Major centres/city boundaries: It includes the communities of Charleswood, the western part of Tuxedo, St. James and Assiniboia as well as most of Headingley, and the industrial area around the Winnipeg airport.

Nominated candidates:

Robert Clement, Liberal
Denali Enns, Green
Steven Fletcher, Conservative
Tom Paulley, NDP

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Electoral history:

The riding was physically created in 1996 and officially named Charleswood-St.James-Assiniboia in 1998. It was represented by Liberal John Harvard from 1997 until 2004. That spring he resigned in a controversial move that saw him appointed Manitoba's Lieutenant Governor to make room for former Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray to run for the Liberals. Murray was bested by Conservative Steven Fletcher in the 2004 election.

It was the one riding in Manitoba where the Liberals clearly benefitted from a split vote between the Reform/Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties, as the combined votes of the two always beat the Liberal vote. The NDP have normally been a distant third here though they were not far behind the Liberals in 2008 and for the first time topped the crucial 10 per cent of the vote mark which allowed the party a rebate on its expenses. Fletcher has a solid hold on the riding, improving his vote count in each of the 2006 and 2008 elections. In 2008 he surpassed the 50 per cent vote mark for the first time, earning support from more than half the people who cast a ballot.

It has the highest median age of any riding in Manitoba and is the second wealthiest by median household income. The population is well educated with one in five working in business or management occupations and almost as many in professional occupations in health care, education, law or real estate.

Previous election results

Steven Fletcher CON 21,588 votes 53.8 per cent
Bob Friesen LIB 8,514 votes 21.2 per cent
Fiona Shiells NDP 7,190 votes 11.3 per cent
Brian Timlick GRN 2,632 votes 4.1 per cent
Mark Price CHP 180 votes 0.4 per cent
Turnout 63.4 per cent


Median age: 42.2
percentage under 18: 19.9 per cent
percentage over 65: 17.1 per cent

Marital status:
Single/never married: 30.1 per cent
Legally married: 51.8 per cent
Separated/divorced: 10.7 per cent
Widowed: 7.3 per cent

Single parents: 9.8 per cent

Median household income pre-tax: $59,238
Percentage of people living in poverty: 9 per cent
Percentage of kids under 18 living in poverty: 12.2 per cent

Single detached homes: 63.1 per cent
Semi-detached/row houses: 9.7 per cent
Low-rise apartment units: 16.2 per cent
High-rise apartment units: 10.4 per cent
Other: 0.6 per cent

Owned homes: 72.2 per cent
Average value of owned home: $175,667
Average number of rooms per home: 7

Speaks English: 91 per cent
Speaks French: 0.4 per cent
Can speak both English and French: 8.6 per cent

Canadian citizens: 97.3 per cent
Total immigrants (who ever immigrated to Canada): 11 per cent
Immigrated within previous five years: 1.4 per cent

Aboriginal identity:
First Nations: 1.7 per cent
Métis: 4.5 per cent

Visible minorities: 5.7 per cent
Most represented ethnic identities: (as a percentage of total population); Filipino (1.2 per cent), South Asian (0.93 per cent), Black (0.88 per cent), Chinese (0.71 per cent), Latin American (0.42 per cent).

Education: (highest level obtained, population 25-64 years old)
Less than high school: 10.8 per cent
High school diploma: 26.7 per cent
Apprenticeship/trade certificate: 10.2 per cent
College: 23.2 per cent
University with or without degree: 28.9 per cent

Unemployment rate: 4.2 per cent
Top 5 industries (as a percentage of total labour force over 15 years old): business services, health care/social services, retail, manufacturing, finance/real estate and education.

Drives self to work or was a passenger in car/truck: 83.9 per cent
Bikes or walks to work: 5.4 per cent
Takes public transit: 10.2 per cent



All candidates were contacted and asked to provide short answers to a standard list of questions and a photograph. The responses we have received are below:

Rob Clement, Liberal Party of Canada

Rob Clement photo

Career: Started a company in 1987 where we manufactured and distributed LED sign products. Currently working as a developer building condos.

Education: Red River College Mgmt. Diploma, Univ of Manitoba Honours Degree in Finance

Where did you grow up? CFB Shilo

Where do you live now? Winnipeg

Hobbies/Volunteer: Tennis, sports cars, helping/mentoring small businesses with their business plan/strategy

Top issue in the riding (and your position on it): Health care and the economy

Favourite Book & Why: Hell or High Water by Paul Martin, because he was an inspiration for me to run for office as he showed that fiscal matters can be achieved by creating a surplus and putting our great country on a sound financial footing.


Denali Enns, Green Party of Canada

Career: Occupational therapist and private music teacher

Education: Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation, both from the University of Manitoba

Where did you grow up? North Vancouver, BC

Where do you live now? Charleswood for the past 14 years

Hobbies/Volunteer work: Reading, running, climbing, dragon boating and gardening.

Top issue in the riding (and your position on it): Advocating for responsible development of land, having more locally-grown products available in our grocery stores, support for community recreation centers and programs.

Favourite book and why: Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings because of its message of hope, of goodness and purity of heart succeeding over greed and the corrupting elements of power.


Steven Fletcher, Conservative Party of Canada

Steven Fletcher photo

Career: Steven worked in the mining industry until an automobile collision with a moose. After lengthy rehabilitation, he entered politics. He was first elected in 2004 as a member of parliament for Charleswood -- St. James -- Assiniboia and served as opposition health critic. In 2006, Steven served as parliamentary secretary for the minister of health. In 2008, he was appointed to the federal cabinet as minister of state for democratic reform and a member of the treasury board.

Education: MBA (2001) and BSc (Geological, 1995) from the University of Manitoba. Shaftesbury High School graduate in 1990.

Where did you grow up? Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1972. Steven lived in Brazil for five years before moving to Canada in 1977. He has lived in Manitoba ever since.

Where do you live now? Charleswood - St. James - Assiniboia.

Hobbies/volunteer work: Canadiana, genealogy and board games.

Top issue in the riding (and your position on it): The economy.

Favourite book and why: The Bible, the foundation of western civilization.


Twitter: stevenjfletcher

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