August 31, 2015

Winnipeg South

Winnipeg South

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Current MP: Rod Bruinooge, Conservative
Population: 84,415
Population eligible to vote (Canadian citizens over age 18): 58,710

Nominated candidates:

Rod Bruinooge, Conservative
Terry Duguid, Liberal
Dave Gaudreau, NDP
Caitlin McIntyre, Green

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Electoral history:

Winnipeg South used to be a Liberal stronghold for most of the last 50 years but it slipped into Conservative hands under Rod Bruinooge in 2006. Bruinooge solidified his victory in 2008, easily besting former provincial Tory MLA John Loewen.

Winnipeg South is Manitoba's wealthiest riding by far. It's median household income is nearly $10,000 more than second-place Winnipeg South Centre, and it's the only Manitoba riding where the average home value tops $200,000. It is dominated by families in several newer suburbs. Nearly one in four residents is under 18 and almost half the homes were built in the last 25 years.

It is a highly educated, white-collar riding with more than 4 in 10 adults between 25 and 64 university educated, and it has the lowest poverty rate. Nearly one in five people are visible minorities. It also has one of the higher voter turnout rates with almost two-thirds of registered voters casting a ballot in 2008.

Previous election results

Rod Bruinooge CON 19,954 votes 48.8 per cent
John Loewen LIB 14,221 votes 34.8 per cent
Sean Robert NDP 4,673 votes 11.4 per cent
David Cosby GRN 1,839 votes 4.5 per cent
Heidi Loewen-Steffano CHP 173 votes 0.4 per cent
Turnout 65.6 per cent


Median age: 37.1
Percentage under 18: 10.8
Percentage over 65: 15.5

Marital status:
Single/never married: 27.9 per cent
Legally married: 55.8 per cent
Separated/divorced: 9.1 per cent
Widowed: 7.2 per cent

Single parent families: 12.2 per cent

Median household income pre-tax: $79,957
Percentage living in poverty: 13.2 per cent
Percentage of kids under 18 living in poverty: 13.4 per cent

Single detached homes: 65.1 per cent
Semi-detached/rowhouses: 8.7 per cent
Low-rise apartment units: 16.8 per cent
High-rise apartment units: 8.1 per cent
Other: 1.3 per cent

Owned homes: 78 per cent
Average value of owned home: $205,815
Average number of rooms in home: 7
Homes built pre-1986: 54.6 per cent
Homes needing major repairs: 3.4 per cent

Speaks English: 85 per cent
Speaks French: 0.2 per cent
Can speak both English and French: 13.7 per cent

Canadian citizens: 92.5 per cent
Total immigrants (who ever immigrated to Canada): 19.9 per cent
Immigrated within previous five years: 4.2 per cent

Aboriginal identity:
First Nations: 1.5 per cent
Métis: 3.5 per cent

Visible minorities: 20.8 per cent
Major ethnic identities: Chinese (6 per cent), South Asian (5.4 per cent), Black (2.6 per cent)

Education: (highest level obtained, population 25-64 years old)
Less than high school: 7.7 per cent
High school diploma: 20.6 per cent
Apprenticeship/trade certificate: 7.7 per cent
College: 20 per cent
University with or without degree: 44 per cent

Unemployment rate: 4.5 per cent
Top 5 industries: health care/social services, business services, education, retail, finance/real estate

Drives self to work or was a passenger in car/truck: 84.1 per cent
Bikes or walks to work: 4.8 per cent
Takes public transit: 10.1 per cent



All candidates were contacted and asked to provide short answers to a standard list of questions and a photograph. The responses we have received are below:

Rod Bruinooge, Conservative Party of Canada

Rod Bruinooge photo

Career: Current member of parliament for Winnipeg South (since 2006), former filmmaker, organizer of the Winnipeg International Film Festival and game developer.

Education: Graduate of the University of Manitoba in political science and a strong advocate for the U of M in the nation's capital.

Where did you grow up? Thompson, until 1991.

Where do you live now? Winnipeg South for the last 20 years.

Hobbies/Volunteer work: Film fan and critic. Enjoy volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest.

Top issue in the riding (and your position on it): Current top issue is flood preparation. Ongoing important issues include the economy and the University of Manitoba.

Favourite Book: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom.


Twitter: @rodbruinooge

Terry Duguid, Liberal Party of Canada

Terry Duguid photo

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology (First Class Honours); Masters in Environmental Science

Where did you grow up? In and around curling rinks. For most of my school years I lived in Transcona.

Where do you live now? Whyte Ridge in Winnipeg South

Hobbies/volunteer work: Over the years I have volunteered for hospital boards, community safety groups and seniors' organizations. I am a passionate football (CFL, NFL) and curling fan! I enjoy all outdoors activities: canoeing, hiking and fishing.

Top issue in the riding (and your position on it): Jobs and education. The riding is dominated by the University of Manitoba. The future of our economy and our young people is an educated workforce.

Favourite book and why: My favourite book: Hard Optimism: How to Succeed in a World Where Positive Wins. It's an inspiring read about how we move ourselves and our communities forward when we have hope and optimism.


Twitter: @terryduguid

Dave Gaudreau, New Democratic Party

Dave Gaudreau photo

Career: Welder

Education: Graduate and Apprentice of the Year in Keewatin Community College's welding program, Industrial Supervision Honours Certificate (Red River College)

Where did you grow up? South Winnipeg

Where do you live now? South Winnipeg

Hobbies/Volunteer: As chair of the CUPE social and sports committee, I helped organize fundraising and clothing drives for two women's shelters: W.I.S.H. and Osborne House.

Top issue in the riding (and your position on it): Health care. A new health accord is being negotiated for 2014 and it's going to be really important to have a new deal that moves public health care forward. We need a national strategy and funding for better homecare, long-term care and access to affordable pharmaceutical drugs.

Favourite Book: John Grisham's A Time to Kill. I admire the lawyer's struggle to do the right thing at any cost.


Caitlin McIntyre, Green Party of Canada

Caitlin McIntyre photo

Career: Accounting agent at an independent, Manitoba-owned, specialty insurance brokerage.

Education: Honours degree from the University of Winnipeg, and am continuing my graduate studies at the University of Manitoba.

Where did you grow up? I have been a Canadian, and a Winnipegger, all of my life.

Where do you live now? Downtown Winnipeg (when I'm not on the U of M campus!)

Hobbies/volunteer work: I am a volunteer radio host on CKUW community radio and I serve as the Secretary of the provincial Green Party.

Top issue in the riding (and your position on it): Taxes! Let's keep our tax burden reasonable, and get some of the $1.4 billion outrageously going to the fossil fuel industry to educate and employ Manitobans.

Favourite book and why: Robertson Davies' Fifth Business. It's a beautifully written Canadian classic which shows just how powerful and influential an underdog can be!


Twitter: @votemcintyre11

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