September 1, 2015

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Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Sep 1 6:16 pm

Irvin-Ross must stop stalling on children's advocate reform

Winnipeg Free Press | @WinnipegNews

Sep 1 5:00 pm

Senior who bailed on jury duty scolded by judge

Mike McIntyre | @mikeoncrime

Sep 1 4:56 pm

Also, in another court today, covered horrific sex abuse/making child porn case where CFS accused of dropping ball. Full story coming.

Mike McIntyre | @mikeoncrime

Sep 1 4:55 pm

4. Today, facing possible jail, senior apologizes. Says he now sees err of his ways. Gets $150 fine and judicial scolding. Story coming.

Mike McIntyre | @mikeoncrime

Sep 1 4:54 pm

3. Judge makes senior sweat it out in jail cell for few hours. He still won't apologize. Gives him few days to think about it.

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