Phil Hossack / Winnipeg Free Press Green Leader James Beddome at his favourite Winnipeg place, showing off seeds the party gives away to voters.

Talk the vote: NDP on health care

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Tuesday in our Talk the Vote live chat with political reporter Mia Rabson, NDP incumbent and labour minister Jennifer Howard joins a discussion on the NDP health care platform.

Cheers to the Bella Vista

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There is a place in Winnipeg, that is home away from home for many. A place where everybody knows your name and portraits of the regular patrons adorn the wall behind the bar. The Bella Vista restaurant, located at Maryland Street and Wolseley Avenue. The Bella is a staple of the West Broadway/Wolseley neighbourhood, and one of my favourite places to be in Winnipeg.


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    The Manitoba election, seen through the lens as Selinger swept to victory, McFadyen stepped down in defeat, and Jon Gerrard held on to his seat.

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    in case you’re the forgetful type, the Free Press has devised a means of reminding you to vote on Oct. 4.

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    Join Mia Rabson for a live chat on health care Tuesday with the NDP's Jennifer Howard.

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    Who says election issues have to be boring? Play our game and you could win!

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September 2, 2015

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