May 28, 2015

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Kristin Annable | @kristinannable

May 28 11:22 am

Michael O'Malley, owner, “I would lose my livelihood...for reasons I don’t truly understand,” he said. “I am confused and intimidated.”

Kristin Annable | @kristinannable

May 28 11:15 am

Wolseley community out in droves to support La Parfumerie.

Larry Kusch | @lrkusch

May 28 11:13 am

Mediation between parents and CFS and greater recruitment of indigenous foster parents part of MB's plan for at-risk kids.

Kristin Annable | @kristinannable

May 28 11:12 am

Two choices: for retail w/walk-in customers would need to apply for zoning change/variance. Or remove displays, open signs, appt only.

Kristin Annable | @kristinannable

May 28 11:11 am

Administration is explaining the zoning issues with La Parfumerie: Non-resident employees, appearance of retail, zoned for R2.

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