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2015 Stories of the Year

Stories of the Year

Every day in a slightly messy third-floor boardroom of the Free Press headquarters at 1355 Mountain Avenue, senior editors gather to determine the most important stories of the day. Those decisions influence not only the front page of our print editions, but also shape the front page of our website.

But the decision about the most important stories of 2015 will be made by you, our readers.

Building on the tradition we began in 2013, this annual newspaper rite has been put in the hands of those who have read our front pages and clicked or swiped their way through our website.

Your assignment is to determine the top Free Press stories of the year locally, nationally and internationally.

How you make that decision is entirely up to you -- and please don’t feel the need to create a slightly messy boardroom in your home to begin your deliberations. Feel free to add a comment to explain your choice.

We’ve also left space for you to nominate your own choice if you feel we have overlooked a big story.

We will close voting at noon on Dec. 18 and then announce our readers’ choices of the top stories of 2015 as the year draws to a close.

-Paul Samyn, Free Press editor


1.Local Story of 2015*
Letter bombs rock city: Manitoba’s legal system appeared to be under attack in bombings that left a lawyer critically injured  
Selinger hangs on to power: Greg Selinger beats back cabinet mutineers to maintain control of NDP  
Jets make playoffs: Whiteout returns to Winnipeg  
The mayor vs. True North: Brian Bowman triggers a very public fight with Mark Chipman over CentreVenture development  
The most racist city in Canada? MacLean’s cover story puts city in the middle of national conversation and soul-searching over racism  
Other (please specify)
2.National Story of 2015*
Trudeau triumphs: Justin Trudeau makes history by taking his third-place party all the way to majority win  
NDP make historic breakthrough in Alberta: Rachel Notley not only ended the Tory dynasty, but her majority win helped push federal NDP to top of national polls  
Truth and Reconciliation: The long-awaited report into Indian Residential Schools comes as country grapples with plight of murdered and missing indigenous women and girls  
Mike Duffy trial: Senator’s fraud trial was party political soap opera, part albatross round Stephen Harper’s re- election bid  
Sputtering economic engine: Low energy prices and a slower than anticipated economic recovery combine for challenges for governments from coast to coast  
Other (please specify)
3.International Story of the Year*
Syrian refugee crisis: Flood of humanity from Syria washes across Mediterranean into Europe, sparking global debate and action  
Terror in Paris: Co-ordinated terrorist attacks in Paris lead to lock down of France and stepped up action against IS  
FIFA bribery scandal: Soccer’s governing body comes under attack  
Ashley Madison hack: The supposedly secure dating site bares all after hackers have their way with Ashley Madison  
Mass shootings in US: Gun violence in the United States becomes even more common, more deadly  
Other (please specify)

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