July 7, 2015

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Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Jul 7 12:56 pm

Trudeau says "Harper's legacy" shows a "shocking lack of understanding" of what is needed for relationship with indigenous Cdns.

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Jul 7 12:55 pm

"In the last 10 yrs whatever meaningful relationship building . . . has given way to political theatre and the illusion of progress."

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Jul 7 12:52 pm

Trudeau says failure of Canada's aboriginal people is shared by "generations of political leaders at all levels." #cdnpoli

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Jul 7 12:51 pm

"We need to recognize that ours was a nation forged without the meaningful participation of Aboriginal peoples." @JustinTrudeau #cdnpoli

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Jul 7 12:50 pm

Trudeau says he will tell his children one day that the things we like to think about Canada - fairness, generosity - aren't always true


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