Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: My best friend and I are one of about six guys who still hang out together since COVID. One of the best spots to play games with other online friends is at his place downstairs — big enough and well-equipped for several players.

I hate going upstairs to the only bathroom, because that’s where my buddy’s lonely mother is, and she always tries to get me to stay there and talk to her.

She makes me nervous. She’s always dressed way too sexy, and lately, she’s been making comments to me about my size. I’m a high school football player. She is obviously lonely since her husband died — he was also a big man.

If I have to go upstairs, she ambushes me to talk. She always has a drink in her hand and compares me to her husband and makes comments about how he was "big in every way." She is always dressed in tight clothes and looks up through her fake eyelashes at me.

It’s obvious what she’s thinking. I go back downstairs ASAP because she makes me nervous.

I mentioned this to my buddy, and he said, "My mother makes everybody nervous, man. Don’t pay any attention to her." But I can’t do that and be rude. Or, can I? — Had Enough of Her Flirting, St. James

Dear Had Enough: Next time she pulls this, shine a light on her behaviour. Address her with her last name and say directly, "Mrs. So-and-So, I feel uncomfortable when you talk like that. I came here to see your son. Gotta go."

Then head directly downstairs and tell your buddy exactly what you said to her — so everybody’s on the same page.

Not only did you call her out, but you rejected her, and let her know what to expect — you will go straight back downstairs from the bathroom, without having a conversation.

Please write back and let me know how it goes. Good luck!


Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I got a phone call when my husband was away on a sales trip from a woman who did not tell me her name, and no caller-ID appeared.

In a faltering voice, she said, "Your husband sees other women when he travels!" She started crying, and hung up. What do you think? — Shocked Wife, Weston

Dear Shocked: Because she was crying, I suspect she was one of those women he sees. Either he rejected her and she suspects he has another woman (besides you). Or, she found out for sure he has another woman.

He may tell you he has no idea who she is, but that isn’t likely. This sounds like a revenge call.


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