Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I’m 16 and shocked by what’s going on in my family. Both of my brothers have moved in with their girlfriends — quickie moves because of COVID-19.


Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I’m 16 and shocked by what’s going on in my family. Both of my brothers have moved in with their girlfriends — quickie moves because of COVID-19.

My brothers are jocks and usually have hot-looking girlfriends (and a couple others in the wings) to get all the action they want. They are selfish, spoiled, good-looking guys and are always thinking of themselves. If they weren’t my brothers, I wouldn’t love them. They disgust me right now.

I have met both their current girlfriends, and like them. I hate to see them getting used by these two idiots. I think those guys will run out their girlfriends’ back doors as soon as the virus is gone. They are in their early 20s and not looking for marriage. They will leave those girls crying. They make me sick!

My mother says: "Well at least they’re safe." My dad says nothing. Ha! What about those girls? I opened my mouth and told my bothers what I thought of them when they were both over here last weekend doing laundry and watching sports. They told me to shut the hell up. What can I do?

— Disgusted Sister, Winnipeg


Dear Disgusted Sister: Way to go! It’s good these immature lugs have you as their conscience. They might not like what you say, but they need to hear it. Your mother doesn’t seem like she has much power over them — and has retreated to stance of "At least it’s keeping my boys safe." They probably wouldn’t listen to her preaching any more than yours.

A couple things could happen here. As soon as the coast is clear virus-wise, the guys could move out and leave these girlfriends hurting, but it’s possible one or both of these users will get the boot before then! There’s also a small chance they could get emotionally-involved for a change, by actually living with a woman, but don’t hold your breath on that one. Good for you for speaking your piece, and keep on doing it, whenever you want!



Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: What do you think about reading your mother’s old love letters? My mother kept them all, from different boyfriends, printed out from her old computer. What a find! The trouble is I’m feeling kind of left out. I’m 21 and haven’t had much of a "love life." I’m trying to get in better shape and my braces came off a while ago, but boyfriends have been few and far between. So, I’m at home with nothing to do and went snooping.

Mom, on the other hand, was quite the hottie from a little photo album I saw in a shoebox in a downstairs closet. She had a lot of boyfriends; she even made a list with the years they dated. And then there were the letters when they were away from each other in the summers or at college, that she printed off to keep! I’d like to ask her questions about these boys and the old days when she was young, but I shouldn’t have read her letters in the first place! What should I do?

— Crazy Curious Daughter, Transcona


Dear Crazy Curious: How would you react if a younger sister read some private stuff of yours? Would you want her asking questions? No! So this is the price you must pay: keep your silence about the hot-letter information. You can ask your mother about her youth and her old boyfriends, and whatever you get for answers is all you get! If she tells little white lies to you, don’t correct her. Just smile and let it go, Snoopy!


Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I’m an older guy in my 50s, and widowed. I’ve met up at at The Forks with a fair number of women I’ve connected with via the Internet. We meet up with our face masks on outside in the fresh air. That’s getting to first base these days. Some of them really liked me and were happy to check me out "in person" but then they weren’t ready to take it to the level of even having dinner with a mask off. So we were stuck at first base and would maybe keep meeting a few times in a park, but nothing could move beyond that. And now it’s cold out!

I don’t want to be single anymore. My wife died a few years ago and I had one relationship after that, but it didn’t work out in a marriage, which is what I ultimately want.

— Lonely Guy, Tuxedo


Dear Lonely Guy: You might consider checking out groups to join on where you can take part in outdoor sports and activities this fall and get to know people in a friendly atmosphere. Good luck!


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