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Use your 007 knowledge for chance to win passes to a preview screening of Skyfall

Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 26/10/2012 (1761 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

In 1962, British audiences were confronted with a different kind of movie hero with the screen debut of James Bond in Dr. No. (The movie didn't open in North America until 1963.)

In one of the more game-changing scenes, Sean Connery's cold-blooded spy, also known as 007, confronts the murderous Dr. Dent after the weaselly traitor has fired six shots into Bond's bed. Before liquidating Dent (in a scene that was paid homage in the opening sequence of Casino Royale), Bond offers up the deathless kiss-off: "That's a Smith and Wesson and you've had your six."

Sean Connery


Sean Connery

Roger Moore


Roger Moore

Pierce Brosnan


Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig

If that's the kind of detail that sticks in your mind, you may have a shot at answering the following 10 questions without employing any Internet fall-back.

You can send your answers by mail to Bond Quiz at the Winnipeg Free Press, 1355 Mountain Ave., R2X 3B6 (include your name, address and phone number) or go to and respond online (click on "contests" at the top of the page). Correct respondents have a shot at winning a double pass to see Skyfall at Polo Park Silver City on Wednesday, Nov. 7, courtesy of Columbia Pictures. The Free Press will notify the winners, who must pick up their passes at the Free Press. Answers will appear in next Saturday's entertainment section.

1. Which Bond villain shares a genetic anomaly with The Simpsons' Krusty the Clown?


2. Adele sings the theme from Skyfall. Name the Bond movies in which featured songs are performed by the following artists:

a) Lulu

b) Carly Simon

c) Sheryl Crow

d) Garbage

e) Nancy Sinatra


3. The 00-prefix denotes a licence to kill, but often as not, it's a licence to be killed. Name the movies in which the following agents are dispatched (or at least appear to be dispatched):

a) 003

b) 004

c) 006

d) 009


4. James Bond's CIA pal Felix Leiter has been played by a multitude of actors, most recently Jeffrey Wright. Name the actors who played Felix based on the following descriptions:

a) A Polish-born Canadian actor.

b) Became better known on TV as "Steve."

c) A TV submarine commander.

d) Bonus Felix Leiter question: Felix loses a leg to a South American drug lord in the film Licence to Kill. But if Bond movies more closely followed Ian Fleming's books, he would have lost his leg in what movie?


5. A janitor whistles a familiar tune in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. What is it?


6. Name the Bond movies in which:

a) A beautiful woman attempts to avenge the murder of her sister.

b) A beautiful woman goes over to Bond's side when she learns her megalomaniac lover has murdered her brother.

c) A beautiful woman seeks to avenge the murder of her parents.

d) A beautiful woman seeks to avenge the murder of her entire family,


7. The Bond franchise actually boasts lots of Oscar winners. Name the Oscar-winning actors who portrayed:

a) A Bond villain

b) A Bond villain's henchman

c) A Bond girl

d) A Bond superior

e) James Bond


8. Truly an international franchise, Bond movies have tended to mix it up with actors of one nationality playing other nationalities. Name the thespian and the movie in which:

a) A Mexican actor played a Turkish spymaster

b) An Israeli musical comedy vet played a Greek smuggler

c) A Ukrainian actress played a Bolivian assassin.

d) An elfin Scot played a Russian computer hacker


9. In what movies did Bond utter the following kiss-off lines:

a) "He had a lot of guts."

b) "Shocking. Positively shocking."

c) "She always liked a good squeeze."

d) "See you back at the lodge"


10) Name an actress who has played two different Bond girls, and the singer who sang three different Bond themes.

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