August 20, 2017


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Western Tour Kick Off for Greg Rekus, Jon Creeden and the Ghostwrite! Greg Rekus is closing in on having performed 100 shows this year stretching from Lasqueti Island British Columbia to St. John's Newfoundland. Playing everywhere from theaters and bars to places rarely ever considered as possible concert venues. This year Mr. Rekus rocketed across the land pushing aside obstacles to to conquer western Canada. Greg will soon bring his show to the eastern US and make an exciting return to eastern Canada in the coming weeks. All adding up to the view of a European tour in spring. Greg has spread the energetic music of his new full length album “The Dude Abides” across western Canada and soon the world. Jon Creeden has been playing his acoustic guitar and yelling his heart out since the end of 2006. Jon Played his 100th show in February 2011 and since then has played over 60 more, touring across Canada and the United States. The Fall will see a new split release with Cory Leveques with a Full Length to follow Spring 2012 Ghostwrite Cross out Bio, insert Likes: Far-left idealism [seriously, the more radical, the better!], far-right idealism [seriously, bring your craziest A-game], friends [sober and inebriated], taking strolls [especially with the myth and legend known to mortals as Rocky} Kris Rendina Been writing songs for years, trying to learn how to do it. Harder than it looks but grows on you like weeds. No big ideas, just want people to enjoy listening as much as I enjoy playing. Someday baby...gonna get it right! Jared Weiss from Port Amoral and Legion of Liquor


Pyramid Cabaret

176 Fort St.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM