March 18, 2019

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John Dodge feels alone. He’s lived in Middletown for 20 years, but never found a place where he fits in. He knows everyone, but they don’t know him. Mary is new in town and expecting a child. She has all the help she needs, but no one she can talk to. Will she be John’s chance at a real human connection? Will John be hers? Middletown is the premiere performance for the BHTC in its new theatre within Tache Hall. Show runs from Jan 26th to Feb 6th. Tickets are $15, $12 for students & seniors.


New Theatre Tache Hall

150 Dafoe Road

204-474-7655 |


Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from Wednesday, January 27, 2016 to Saturday, February 6, 2016


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