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Details VAMPIRES are releasing their second full length album 'NATURE LAUGHS'. Recorded at Exchange District Studios in the heart of downtown, Winnipeg, Manitoba, NATURE LAUGHS is VAMPIRES most energetic and dynamic release to date. While honing a live sound that has been in the works for years, the bands songwriting has risen to a new and raw terrain. Honestly, no hype, just real... This album has been finished for over a year, sitting in boxes and looming over our heads. We both decided to take some time away after David’s younger brother Adam passed away suddenly and traumatically in the beginning of 2016. Grief can be a weird and challenging beast. It was a struggle to complete and release with an album that's littered with references and reflections about the hardest thing in your life. As artists we pour our emotions on paper, we write songs about our stresses and loves to capture them, to distill, to make them ours... NATURE LAUGHS is just that. David’s lyrics are about his relationships and his experiences, and when you're grieving, that grief can seep in and take hold. We are moving through it. We are doing the hard thing, the right thing to do, and getting back on that stage... To stand as tall as we can, we've asked our friends to help support us: HOMEWARD BOUND is a band that describes themselves as 'a three-piece pupcore band'. Puppies are the purest form of love, loyality, playfulness and just having fun... with a few learning curves along the way! We love this band! RANCHOS MUERTO have become close friends and we thank them from the bottom and top of our hearts for standing up with us. Anyone who knows them will know life can throw you some pretty fucking hard moments. I really don’t know what to say- this is what solidarity and making new friends in life-changing moments is about. They are some of the finest and most talented and accepting people out there. It means a lot to have them share our stage this night. JUNIPER BUSH's front woman Lizzy Burt sang, shredded with us as Karen O when we performed our sold out YEAH YEAH YEAHs 'Bands as Bands' showcase... we have felt the connect ever since. It'd be hard to release this album without asking her and whoever the fuck she is playing with to open up for us. Juniper Bush is basically a Winnipeg supergroup to us. They have members in every band we like! Their music is like listening to The Black Angels and Nirvana cut together but with the smoothest silk vocals. The event will be hosted by Sam Thompson of Witchpolice Radio. Sam is one of Winnipeg's most dedicated music journalists, his radio show has put every Winnipeg band on air at some point and his webcast showcases live music out of his basement! Who else could you think of to host your album release?!?! Thanks Sam! Info: $10 at the door $15 at the door with an album June 23rd @ The Pyramid Cabaret doors at 8pm - 18+ event


Pyramid Cabaret

176 Fort St


Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 8:00 PM


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