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Mark Daalderob

Getting clothes that fit can sometimes be troubling when you're over 6 feet tall. Luckily, Toronto native Mark Daalderob found a store (Jeans West) that carries clothes that fit his body type and size. Daalderob also mentioned that he likes mixing shapes. For instance, a bulky sweater on top and slim, fitted jeans on the bottom is his signature style. We found Mark Daalderob waiting for his bus near the University of Winnipeg. Even though our interview went a bit longer and he ended up missing his bus, Daalderob said. "This is fun, I can't not take advantage of this which has never happened to me before." And Mark caught the next bus 12 minutes later.


COAT -- "It's from a place called Jeans West in Toronto. I just moved here a week ago."

BAG -- "It's a Matt & Nat bag from Toronto as well."

SWEATER -- "The sweater is from Banana Republic."

ZIP-UP & JEANS -- Levi's

BELT -- "Belt is from One of a Kind Show in Toronto. It's a show featuring different artists who sell different products, you walk around and buy things."

SHOES -- "Shoes are from Ecco, a Danish company."

HAT -- "My hat was made by a friend, it was a going away gift."

GLASSES -- "Airport terminal in Buffalo, New York."

Fashion essential

"Probably a hoodie, because it's comfortable, cozy and I like the look of it. I like fitted clothes, I usually like to wear a shirt and a sweater that's a little bit bulky on top then a slim fit on the bottom."

Style inspiration

"I would say my circle of friends, my style sort of comes from a little bit of earthy, urban and country. I would probably say my inspiration is partly due to my girlfriend -- she helps me, although I think I had pretty good fashion sense before she came along. Another inspiration for me would be living in Toronto and seeing people on the street and liking that style. I'm working at Food Matters Manitoba so I'm basically working with improving access of food for communities in Winnipeg, trying to make food more accessible and affordable."

Fashion tip

"Jeans West carries a lot of European cuts that are longer, so it's a better fit for taller guys. I have a lot of trouble with pants that are actually my waist size and the proper length and fit. I like to buy things that fit me well, I stay away from logos because I want to make my wardrobe last."


Maureen Malkowich

Maureen Malkowich

Working downtown gives Malkowich lots of opportunity to see different styles. She appreciates seeing the artistic side of people, especially when attending events like plays at RMTC and the different festivals the city has to offer. Malkowich and her co-workers sit outside for lunch on Broadway and see lots of people and street vendors walking around. She says, "I'm a people-watcher, for sure. I love how people wear whatever suits them and they look so confident in it. It looks like we're not a cookie-cutter kind of fashion city. I like that about Winnipeg."

What she wore...

COAT -- "I don't know, it's really old. It could be from a second-hand store. I liked it because of the bright red colour."

SCARF -- "It is from a little kiosk boutique in New York; they had pashmina scarves out on display when I was there visiting a friend."

PURSE -- Value Village

DRESS -- "Its Joe Fresh (Superstore)."

DENIM JACKET - "Denim jacket was a gift from a friend."

BOOTS -- Suzy Shier

TIGHTS -- "Dollarama," giggles Malkowich.

UMBRELLA - "It's from my work! Workers Compensation, safe work."

GLASSES -- "They are from Superstore. I'm sounding like the cheapest girl on the block," says Malkowich, laughing. "I like shopping at second-hand stores because it's not just five sizes of the exact same outfit that everyone owns."

EARRINGS -- "A gift from my son."

RINGS -- "This is an Avon ring and this is a ring from The Forks, one of the little jewelry places upstairs."

Fashion essential

"I wear boots a lot. I think I wear them with pants, dresses; sometimes I wear a heeled boot. I just think they sort of dress things up and they look kind of sexy."

Style inspiration

"I always watch and read StreetStyle. I love hearing what people have to say about what inspires them and, for me, it's just sort of watching people on the street and paying attention to what they wear. There are a lot of really stylish people here and I love going to the fringe and folk festivals."

Fashion tip

"I was in a rut where everything I owned was black, so now when I shop I'm always specifically looking for something colourful. So, go for colour, especially with all the colour blocking in the dresses and shirts -- I think that looks really cool."


Reynald Bynski

When you think of casual dress these days, you might think sweatpants and hoodies. The neat thing about StreetStyler Reynald Bynski is that sweats and hoodies aren't even in his vocabulary; casualness to him is a laid-back, urban look that he tries to capture with his clothes every day. Bynski's look had unique items from around the globe with neutral tones and colours paired with dark jeans. His use of accessories played to his advantage and made him stand out from the crowd. Bynski was meeting a friend for sushi and then seeing a movie on Tuesday afternoon.

What he wore...

JACKET -- "I got this in Honolulu, Hawaii."

SWEATER -- "I got this sweater from Connect Four in the Exchange District."

HAT -- "The hat I got in Pearson Airport in Toronto. It's a Kangol hat. I've been getting a lot of compliments on it. It's a U.K. company made famous by Samuel L. Jackson -- not that I know him, but he's famous for wearing Kangol hats."

T-SHIRT -- "Just a Calvin Klein V-neck that I got in Grand Forks."

JEANS -- "The jeans I got on the clearance rack at Sport Chek in Polo Park."

SHOES -- "Shoes I got in Buffalo, New York, at a Macy's outlet store."

BAG -- "The bag I got in San Francisco at a funky shop."

WATCH -- The Bay, Kenneth Cole

BRACELET -- "Another Calvin Klein that I got in a outlet store in Los Angeles."

Fashion essential

"I love hats -- I always try to wear hats. I went to New Orleans and everybody wears a hat; they have this very famous store called Meyer The Hatter -- it's been around for over 100 years and anybody who's anybody has a picture on the walls. Often they're athletes, like Shaquille O'Neal, Hollywood stars and musicians. I just love the New Orleans culture, very dignified urban atmosphere there."


Style inspiration

"I guess it would depend on my mood. Today I'm meeting a friend, so I tried to look a little bit urban -- we're going to Wasabi for sushi. I try to get away -- as much as I love Winnipeg I think it's important -- and when I'm away I try and look for something that I normally wouldn't find in the city. I'm fortunate enough that I have a job where I can go away for extended periods. I usually try and go for experiences. Recently I went to Africa and took a survival camp and I did some time at an animal sanctuary; I took a permaculture design course in Belize last year. I try to make it an experience rather then just a vacation, I would say. I'm fascinated with people and different cultures."

Fashion tip

"I purposely don't visually flaunt any name brands. Casualness breeds indifference and I think it's important to find your own personal style.

"Always ask a women, I find that always helps," adds Bynski with a laugh. "They seem to know style a little bit better."


Tommy Hao

In the fan-fuelled chaos following the Lady Antebellum concert, we found Tommy Hao, who had different plans for that evening, on Hargrave Street. Hao experiments with his style off the job, since being a nurse requires him to wear scrubs. We asked him if spring was an easier time to dress more fashionably, since in the winter, most Winnipeggers are bundled up in big down jackets. Hao chuckled and replied that he has a lot of clothes for all seasons and is set for whatever the weather brings him.


What he wore...

Jacket -- "It's from the States, actually, from Cole Haan, in Las Vegas."

Long sleeve shirt -- "It's Esprit from The Bay."

T-shirt -- Club Monaco

Messenger bag -- Guess

Jeans -- "I think I got them from Zara in Toronto or Vancouver."

Shoes -- "They're Affliction shoes, bought online."

Sunglasses -- "Dolce & Gabbana from the Sunglass Hut."

Necklace -- Dolce & Gabbana, online

Ring -- "It's a Edforce ring. It's the design I liked and found online. The online store is called Beyond the Rack; it has a variety of clothes, sales and brand names."


Fashion essential

"I have a little fetish for messenger bags; I always carry a bag with me... I think the bag is a very necessary accessory that adds to the look. I need one focus and the bag is that focus."

Style inspiration

"Well, my favourite store is Club Monaco -- that is my style. I go online to see some photos and I also buy GQ magazine. I have a lot of friends that are into fashion. I'm a nurse, so there are not too many fashionable people at the hospital; we're all wearing scrubs.

Asked if there's such a thing as fashionable scrubs, Hao laughs. "There are different patterns. Mine are solid colours and simple ones with not too much pattern -- I don't want to get too dizzy. I don't think I need to wear Tinkerbell prints."

Fashion tip

"Definitely try it on -- different brands have different sizes. For guys, there's basic items they should buy, like a leather jacket, a good suit, a pair of dark jeans and a blazer to pair with the jeans. These are all classic pieces to have."


Ruth Shead

This producer and director for CBC radio likes the fact that she's not restricted to wearing power suits and formal attire. Working in a creative area gives her more freedom in how she dresses and lets her reflect her personal style. The purple addict, as she calls herself, says, "Winnipeggers are awesome dressers -- there's so much variety and it's fun to watch. I know clothes aren't the most important, but you have to wear them, so you might as well make them fun." We bumped into Shead as she was making her after-work Osborne Village rounds, picking up some dinner before heading home.

What she wore...

JACKET -- "Club Monaco, and I'm going to say something really Winnipeg about it: I got it at the end of the season so it was really cheap."

PURSE -- "The purse is from a store called Girl Friday in Toronto."

TURTLENECK -- "A store in Halifax called Wildflower Clothing."

TIGHTS -- "Probably from The Bay."

SKIRT -- "This is from Out of the Blue in Osborne."

BOOTS -- "I think they're Steve Madden boots and on their last legs. I'm not sure where I got them... Somewhere in Winnipeg, maybe Rooster."

GLASSES -- "Pearl Vision, Burberry. I'm looking for a replacement pair because they're on their last legs as well and they don't sell this kind anymore."

EARRINGS - "Earrings are from Roots."

WORK BAG -- "My DNTO tote bag; I work at CBC radio."

Fashion essential

"Well, glasses for sure, because I need them to see," says Shead, laughing. "I really like wearing dresses, skirts and boots. Boots would be my other fashion essential. I think anyone can pull a boot off -- and we live in Winnipeg. I have a beautiful pair of mukluks from Manitobah Mukluks that I really like, and I just got a pair of Frye Boots that I spent way too much money on -- they're to replace these ones, though. Oh, and I'm also a purple addict."

Style inspiration

"All my friends! They're all very stylish -- they like to look nice and you want to look nice, too. My mom's very fashionable as well. I had the worst fashion sense when I was little. I asked my mom, 'Why does Ash (my sister) look good and I look like crap?' She said I loved colour and patterns and I guess I wouldn't even try it on, I'd just let Ashley try everything on for me."

Fashion tip

"Try stuff on -- don't make your sister do it. Try stuff that you're attracted to and if it doesn't fit, don't try to force it because everyone has a different body and personality. Pick clothes you feel good in."


Nadia Demko

This neuroscience student at McGill University was back home in Winnipeg during reading week. She says she's been given a neuroscience hoodie by the department that most students wear, but she refuses. Demko was seen at St. Vital mall doing a little shopping after church on Sunday.

What she wore...

Coat -- "It's from Winners and it's Jessica Simpson."

Cardigan, boots and scarf -- "This cardigan buttons at the sides. The boots I just got and they're all from Winners too."

Skirt and blouse -- Smart Set

Purse -- Aldo

Tights -- "They're just generic."

Hat -- Le Chateau

Belt -- Dynamite

Fashion essential

"Probably my boots because they complete the look. They make or break your outfit, I think... and I love flowers, whether it's in my hair or on my scarf."

Style inspiration

"My mom, because she likes to experiment with her style and has always been very stylish. I'm thinking about my roommate right now; she finds unique items and makes them work and says, 'You have to look your best every day of your life.'"

Fashion tip

"I'm usually the most overdressed person because I don't like to be underdressed, that's for sure. Lip gloss and lipstick are important because they bring colour to your face. I think wearing sweatpants just brings your entire look down and it's the one thing that makes you look not put together."


Julie Pritchard

Between her roles as shop owner and a mother, this lead designer at The Floral Fixx keeps very busy. Her shop specializes in floral arrangements for weddings and events, and requires keeping up with the trends and staying current with the latest fashions. Pritchard told us, "Part of what you're selling is yourself; the client needs to feel comfortable in you and that you're going to portray the look they want. So I feel if you can't dress yourself and look presentable then maybe they won't trust in you." Pritchard managed to carve out an afternoon for herself with a shopping trip and recent splurge at Swarovski Crystal at St. Vital Shopping Centre.

What she wore...

Jacket, leggings and boots - "Le Chateau is definitely one of my favourites. They have a bunch of different sizes; I'm a little bit more on the plus size, so their sizing isn't just for size 6 or 7 clothing. They're very current, trendy and modern and they have a big selection."

Tank top -- "It's a tank top with a scoop neck and I think it was from Ricki's."

Necklace -- "The necklace is Stella & Dot from the home jewelry parties. I've had this one for a year and I wear it tons."

Earrings -- "Earrings are Lia Sophia, from another home jewelry party."

Sunglasses -- "The sunglasses are from one of my friend's store. They're Oakley glasses, and I got them from Linden Ridge Eye Care. She has the most amazing selection of sunglasses."

Purse -- "I got this at a spa here in Winnipeg."

Ring -- "My ring is my newest purchase. Today I wanted a little pick-me-up. My five-year-old daughter isn't with me today, so I decided to go out shopping. I walked by the Swarovski Crystal store and saw it in the window and fell in love and thought I should have it. I wore it right out of the store," says Pritchard, laughing.

Fashion essential

"Jewelry is my go-to item. I always try and find some unique jewelry and then a matching bag to go with the jewelry. Like today, I'm wearing all black -- it's a pretty simple outfit but I think the jewelry really dresses it up and gives it a little bit of sparkle."

Fashion tip

"I always find putting heels on makes your legs look long and slender. And then for myself I probably wouldn't go around with just a tank top. I would put a little shell or jacket over it. I just feel for my size and body type, that's what suits me best and looks most stylish."


Dan Yurkiw

People’s body types are all different, so investing in a good tailor can make your clothing appear polished and well structured. According to StreetStyle candidate Dan Yurkiw, a tailor is his clothing’s best friend. He needs to get larger sizes to compensate for his height, then gets them altered to be slimming. Yurkiw was spotted passing through the Village to pick up some groceries before heading home after work.

What he wore…

Suit and shirt — “It’s a local company from Winnipeg called eph Apparel, where they do custom suits and orders for you.”

Tie — “The tie is Hudson Room, which is The Bay’s signature brand, I think.”

Laptop bag — “It’s from U.N. luggage and it’s a knomo.”

Belt — “Allen Edmonds from Victorio Rossi on Corydon.”

Watch — “Gold Brick Jewellers at Garden City Shopping Centre.”

Shoes — Aldo

Garment and recycled bags — “Dollarwise keeps my shirts pressed and clean, and this bag is from Urban Waves — it’s made out of recycled billboard materials. I used to work in marketing, so it was a little marketing influence to tie into my wardrobe,” says Yurkiw with a laugh.

Fashion essential

“A watch; it’s the only piece of jewelry I wear. I find them very interesting. I have one that’s a classic wind-up style and it self-winds, so it’s kind of cool.”

Style inspiration

“I think it’s a little bit of whatever I see on the streets and I guess those around me. And Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) from the show How I Met Your Mother. I think whatever it is you’re wearing, you have to make sure it’s you.”

Fashion tip

“Always button up the top button of your suit. And your socks don’t have to match your pants; you can mix it up a little. Go see Martha at Gino’s Custom Tailors on Ellice and have all your clothes tailored. She’s my go-to tailor! I get sweaters taken in and everything. For me, it’s impossible to find clothes that fit right, so I have to get a large or an extra-large and then get them altered to where I need it.”

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