Ben Sigurdson

Literary editor, drinks writer - Arts and Life

Ben Sigurdson edits the Free Press books section, and also writes about wine, beer and spirits. He paid his way through university by working at a handful of wine stores in Winnipeg, which helped him land the wine-writing gig on a freelance basis in 2005.

Ben started working in the newsroom in 2012 as a part-time copy editor. Later that year he was hired as a full-time web copy/web editor, working the graveyard shifts.

When esteemed books editor Morley Walker retired in January 2014, Ben rekindled his love for all things literary and started a new chapter at the Free Press.

Ben holds a bachelor of arts degree in English/politics from the University of Winnipeg as well as a master of arts degree in English (writing stream) from the University of Manitoba.