Erin Lebar

Multimedia producer - Arts and Life

Erin Lebar joined the Free Press in December 2013 as a web and copy editor, often working the overnight shift, or ‘the other 9-5’ as she likes to call it.

She was the one replying to your late-night website complaints and answering your 3 a.m. phone calls about why you didn’t get your TV guide, as well as editing web stories, writing headlines and doing other general website maintenance.

A born and bred Winnipegger, Erin got her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba with a major in English and a minor in film studies. After writing a few columns at the Manitoban, she decided that journalism was where it’s at.

Erin ended up at NYU in New York City to do her Master of Arts in magazine journalism. While in New York, she had the opportunity to work with some of the best long-form journalists and editors in North America and spent time interning at Rolling Stone magazine and CMJ.

She only had a meltdown in front of a professor one time, which she deems a massive success. She once sat next to Sarah Jessica Parker and had a conversation with Geddy Lee outside of a bathroom.

She graduated in December 2012, and her appallingly expensive degree is still sitting in a cardboard envelope in her hall closet.

After working for a year in the Big Apple at Babble, an online magazine owned by Disney that focuses on parenting and lifestyle content that provided her with free bagels every Monday (it’s a big deal, they were really good bagels), Erin was offered her job at the Free Press, so she packed up and moved home. Both her family and her wallet were very happy.

Now, Erin sometimes gets to work during daylight hours as a multimedia producer and music reporter, focusing most of her attention on creating content for the arts section of the paper and website. She also co-hosts the Winnipeg Free Press's weekly pop-culture podcast, Bury the Lede.