Katie May

Reporter - City

Often found poring over court documents, scribbling furiously into a comically small spiral-bound notepad and drinking iced coffee even in -30 C weather, Katie reports on Manitoba's justice system.

With the courts as a daily window into some of the darkest, most desperate and frequently overlooked corners of society, Katie works to shed light on the cases, policies and processes that can illuminate a way forward or show us how far we still have to go. She covers criminal and civil courts with an eye to child welfare, youth justice and systemic policy issues.

She joined the Free Press as a copy editor in December 2013 – during Winnipeg's record-breaking coldest winter in 116 years, as she's sure to tell anyone who'll listen.

A slapdash early career path sent her zigzagging across the country, chasing news in Ontario, Nova Scotia — where she completed a bachelor of journalism with combined honours in Canadian Studies at the University of King’s College — the Northwest Territories and Alberta before she arrived in Manitoba.

Katie has been named one of the best young journalists in Canada, receiving the Goff Penny Memorial prize for print journalists two years in a row. It's an honour that is more difficult for her to live up to with each passing day.