Christian Cassidy

What's in a Street Name? - City, Canstar, Free Press Community Review

Christian Cassidy believes that every building has a great story - or 10 - to tell. His quest to find these stories has led to the discovery of hundreds of people, places, and organizations that helped build this province, but are not mentioned in the history books.

For over a decade, Christian has posted his research on his blog, West End Dumplings. He is a Manitoba Historical Society council member and has also been known to conduct the odd walking tour and for nearly three years hosted a local history-themed radio show on UMFM.

Like most bloggers, Christian's day job has absolutely nothing to do with his blog topic, so he can usually be found hovering over his computer in the wee hours of the morning with a fresh pot of coffee by his side.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Christian is a proud resident of the West End.