Sabrina Carnevale

Columnist - Life

Sabrina Carnevale is a storyteller who finds inspiration in her city.

A familiar voice on Winnipeg radio since 2007, Sabrina was a reporter and producer with CBC Manitoba and a former announcer with Bell Media.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Sabrina's passion for health and wellness has brought her to the Winnipeg Free Press where she writes a twice-monthly column exploring what it means to live well.

Her passion for healthy living has afforded her the opportunity to write for several publications where she encourages people to try new things, get out of their comfort zones and find the joy in everyday life.

Sabrina is also a longtime member of Pan Am Boxing Club and finds comfort in punching the heavy bag (everyone's got their thing, right?).

A professional both in front of the mic as well as behind the scenes, Sabrina has become a trusted voice in writing and producing original stories that highlight Manitobans.