Dylan Robertson

Dylan Robertson

Parliamentary bureau chief

Dylan Robertson is nosy.

While classmates gravitated to Roger Hargreaves books like Little Miss Greedy and Mr. Busy, Dylan always had an affinity for Mr. Chatterbox. After constantly asking his teachers and parents “why?” he enrolled in the University of Toronto’s journalism program, and spent late nights helping put out the student newspaper.

His curiosity hasn’t abated. Dylan’s worked in newsrooms from Germany to Calgary, and he’s written stories from places like Russia and Lebanon. He gets a kick out of learning languages; it helps him eavesdrop on strangers.

In 2015, Dylan spent a year as the Calgary Herald’s Michelle Lang fellow, investigating the causes, solutions and implications of radicalization across Canada.

Now in Ottawa, Dylan enjoys snooping through freedom-of-information requests and asking politicians: “What about Manitoba?”

Though originally from southern Ontario (OK, Toronto) Dylan has a keen eye for issues in the Prairies. When he’s not at work, he enjoys cycling, cooking and dancing like a rather awkward, tall person.

While he prefers using his Free Press email, he’ll also take confidential information through his encrypted email account: withfilesfrom@protonmail.com. He also uses the Signal app.

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