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Results for the 2011 Manitoba Schools Science Symposium

Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 1/5/2011 (2303 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Canada-Wide Science Fair Winners

  • Siyuan Cheng, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Novel Approaches of Inducing Death in Leukemic B-Cells Using Synthetic and Biological Agent, Sponsored by: Canadian Cancer Society – Manitoba Division
  • Abhishek Chakraborty, Acadia Junior High, Effects of Folic Acid on Blood Cells, Sponsored by: Science Teachers Association of Manitoba (STAM)
  • Daisy Liu, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Evaluation of Snow Fungus Polysaccharides on Benzo[a]pyrene-induced DNA Damage, Sponsored by: Monsanto
  • Ella Thomson, Balmoral Hall School, Genetic Modification of Clostirdium thermocellum for Improved Biofuels Production, Sponsored by: Life Science Association of Manitoba (LSAM)
  • Amanda Wong, Grant Park High School, Building Low-Cost Touch Sensors With Conductive Paper, Sponsored by: Province of Manitoba
  • Cody Shaw, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Mechanics of Plastics: Testing for Isotropy in Polyethylene, Sponsored by: Evhan Uzwyshyn Scholarship Award


Major Award Winners

Best Bio Science Group – Elementary

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($50 cash)

Anna Diehl-Jones, Viscount Alexander School, Jenna Latimer, Viscount Alexander School, Adrenalin Rush

Best Bio Science Group – Junior

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($50 cash)

Talha Suboor, Acadia Junior High, Colin Marsch, Acadia Junior High, Acid rain wheats friend or foe

Best Bio Science Group – Intermediate

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($100 cash)

Stephanie Cruz, Sisler High School, Keisha Mendoza, Sisler High School, How Do Eyes, Ears, and Noses Study?: A Project About Memory and the Senses

Best Bio Science Group – Senior

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($150 cash)

Rajas Tipnis, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Tony Zhou, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Using Dielectrophoresis to Separate Viable and Non-Viable Cells

Best Physical Science Group – Elementary

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation ($50 cash)

Alesa Isaak, Lowe Farm School, Nancy Sawatzky, Lowe Farm School, what’s in your paper

Best Physical Science Group – Junior

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation ($50 cash)

Franco Aiello, St Emile School, Reagan Tran, St Emile School, Trash To Gas

Best Physical Sc Group – Intermediate

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation ($100 cash)

Lisa Huang, Sisler High School, Megan Esguerra, Sisler High School, I bet you I can eat Iron!

Best Bio Science Individual – Elementary

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($100 cash)

Kara Glor, Linden Christian School, The Effects of Different Lights on Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato Plant) Growth

Best Bio Science Individual – Junior

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($100 cash)

Abhishek Chakraborty, Acadia Junior High, Effects of Folic Acid on Blood Cells

Best Bio Science Individual – Intermediate

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($200 cash)

Ella Thomson, Balmoral Hall School, Genetic Modification of Clostirdium thermocellum for Improved Biofuels Production

Best Biological Indiv – Senior

Sponsored by: Monsanto ($300 cash)

Siyuan Cheng, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Novel Approaches of Inducing Death in Leukemic B-Cells Using Synthetic and Biological Agents

Best Physical Science Invid – Elementary

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation ($100 cash)

Grace Slivinski, Holy Ghost School, Tectonic Plate Boundaries Rock!""

Best Physical Science Indiv – Junior

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation ($100 cash)

Rithikha Rajamohan, Balmoral Hall School, Light or Blight ?

Best Physical Science Indiv – Intermediate

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation ($200 cash)

Leanne Chan, Sisler High School, Does an Increase in Nitrate and Phosphate Affect the Growth of Algae

Best Physical Science Indiv – Senior

Sponsored by: Richardson Foundation ($300 cash)

Nirusan Jayaranjan, Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Automated Drinking and Driving Deterrence System

Best Overall Group – Elementary

Sponsored by: Manitoba Hydro ($125 cash)

Signe Roehr, Donwood Elementary, Mariel Roehr, Menonite Brethern Collegiate Insitute, What’s the best way to grow canola plants?

Best Overall Group – Junior

Sponsored by: Manitoba Hydro ($125 cash)

Christian Choy, Acadia Junior High, Ryan Murray, Acadia Junior High, Does Font Type Affect Reading Comprehension?

Best Group Overall – Intermediate

Sponsored by: Doctors Manitoba ($250 cash)

Deborah Chan, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Nancy Li, Kelvin High School, Polyketide Synthase Gene Expression in Cladonia uncialis and Xanthoria fallax

Best Group Overall – Senior

Sponsored by: Doctors Manitoba ($500 cash)

Suraj Srinivasan, Fort Richmond Collegiate, George Ng, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Biological Consequences of the Loss of Claudin 1 Tight Junction Protein in Breast Cancer Cells

Best Overall Individual – Elementary

Sponsored by: Manitoba Hydro ($250 cash)

Magdalena Szpakowski, Holy Ghost School, Tissue Issue

Best Overall Individual – Junior

Sponsored by: Manitoba Hydro ($250 cash)

Amanda Wong, Grant Park High School, Building Low-Cost Touch Sensors With Conductive Paper

Best Overall Individual – Intermediate

Sponsored by: Doctors Manitoba ($500 cash)

Daisy Liu, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Evaluation of Snow Fungus Polysaccharides on Benzo[a]pyrene-induced DNA Damage

Best Overall Individual – Senior

Sponsored by: Doctors Manitoba ($1000 cash)

Cody Shaw, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Mechanics of Plastics: Testing for Isotropy in Polyethylene

Best in Category Results

Best Biological – Animal Science – Elementary

Jack Dyson, Ecole Opasquia, An evaluation of chemical mixtures used by ancient Egyptians for the preservation of human mummies

Best Biological – Animal Science – Junior

Austin Fruck, Acadia Junior High, Memory Matters

Best Biological – Animal Science – Intermediate

Christina Gray, Grant Park High School, Determing fat metabolism in H4IIE cells.

Best Biological – Animal Science – Senior

Chris Kraljevic, Shaftesbury High School, An Investigation of the Role of Distemper as a Cause of Deaths of Seals in Hudson Bay During the Fal

Best Biological – Plant Science – Elementary

Hajrah Ata, Maple Leaf School, Plants: A source of Medicine

Best Biological – Plant Science – Junior

Benjamin Liu, Acadia Junior High, The Effects of Maleic Hydrazide on Onion Cell Division and Chromosome Morphology

Best Biological – Plant Science – Intermediate

Allen Liu, St John’s Ravenscourt, The Effects of Three Arabidopsis Genes on Shoot Organogenesis and Hormonal Response of Root Tissue

Best Biotechnology – Elementary

Drenna Lameg, Ecole Dieppe, une pomme egyptienne

Best Biotechnology – Junior

Grace Daet, Holy Ghost School, More Than Just Water In Your Bottle: A Study of Bisphenol A

Best Biotechnology – Intermediate

Elsa Kaka, Westwood Collegiate, Direct Fermentation of Pretreated and Processed Cellulosic Feedstocks using Clostridium thermocellum

Best Biotechnology – Senior

Yue Liu, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Are molecular cavities present in the Enamelin gene of the toothless Steller’s sea cow?

Best Chemistry – Elementary

Abbey Mondor, Ecole Tuxedo Park, les cristaux le plus gros le plus beau

Best Chemistry – Junior

Joseph Thomas, Acadia Junior High, The Effects of Thermal Depolymerization on Various Plastics

Best Chemistry – Intermediate

Dareen El-Sayed, Acadia Junior High, Antibiotic Activity in Rosemary against E.faecalis, S.typhimurium and S.aureus.

Best Consumer Science – Elementary

Magdalena SzpakowskiHoly Ghost SchoolTissue Issue

Best Consumer Science – Junior

Alyssa Friesen, Linden Christian School, Following Instructions

Best Engineering – Elementary

Aymen El-mazini, Alhijra Islamic School, mail box alarm

Best Engineering – Junior

David Budnick, Linden Christian School, Snow Block Maker

Best Engineering – Intermediate

Rylen de Vries, Kelvin High School, But It IS Rocket Science

Best Engineering – Senior

Nirusan Jayaranjan, Collège Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Automated Drinking and Driving Deterrence System

Best Environmental & Earth Science- Elementary

Andrew Moran, Maple Leaf School, The Albedo Effect

Best Environmental & Earth Science- Junior

Zoha Muhammad , Alhijra Islamic School, CRUDE OIL

Best Environmental & Earth Science- Intermediate

Thyaharajan Visweswaran, Acadia Junior High, NATURAL FARMING IS OUR LAST RESORT

Best Environmental & Earth Science- Senior

Parminder Gill, University of Winnipeg Collegiate, Harnessing the Power of Bacillus Megaterium with the Aide of Curcumin

Best Health Science – Elementary

Hannah Lyttle, Kidnetics Energy Girls, Can helmets prevent concussions?

Best Health Science – Junior

Iqra Sahar Tariq, Balmoral Hall School, Who did the best job?

Best Health Science – Intermediate

Che Eun (Sandy) Lee, St Mary’s Academy, Increased Levels of Claudin 1 Protein in Breast Cancer Cells Changes Their Cellular Behavior

Best Health Science – Senior

Riyeon Kim, Fort Richmond Collegiate, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) Assay for the Diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma

Best Physics – Elementary

Emily Grant, Holy Ghost School, Magnificant Magnetism

Best Physics – Junior

Katherine Charles, Acadia Junior High, Solar Rainbow: The Photoelectric Edge


Medal results for the 2011 Manitoba Schools Science Symposium


Honourable Mention

Amelia Kacperkiewicz, Holy Ghost; Brandi Murdock, Victoria Garson, Charles Sinclair; Bree Cochrane, Jaiden Magdic, Ivana Zorica, Maple Leaf; Jared Fleming, Nordale; Keegan Bellingham, Whyte Ridge Elementary; Keith Crate, Jonah Garson, Charles Sinclair; Kim Sinclair-Peters, Spencer Sinclair-Paul, Charles Sinclair; Kristen Borys, Maple Leaf; Marcus Cabral, Holy Ghost; Marion Ackegan-Todd, Charles Sinclair; Mohamed Hassan, Alhijra Islamic; Nuria Abbawajii, Ahlam Semir, Alhijra Islamic; Shayak Chakrabarti, Whyte Ridge Elementary;

Bronze Medal

Ahmad Chehadeh, Alhijra Islamic; Aidan McKay, Dirk Page, Dieppe; Ali El-Sayed, Linden Meadows; Alliah Ramirez, Holy Ghost; Angela Gervino, Cadence Krahn, Tuxedo Park; Boru Ali, Alhijra Islamic; Bree Cochrane, Kara Dumas, Charles Sinclair; Brette Girard, Tuxedo Park; Danica Belton, Alex De Simone, Queenston; Darby Goodall, Tuxedo Park; Delaney O'Hara, Tuxedo Park; Elliot Wilson, Donovan Mallette, Charles Sinclair; Daisy Stevenson, Alicia Mallette, Charles Sinclair; Jacques du Preez, Grayson Lewer, The Laureate Academy; Jonathan Miranda, Holy Ghost; Josh Levesque, Brock Corydon; Justin Omaga, Holy Ghost; Justine Robert, Victoria Alder, Morris; Kaitlyn Claire Mendoza, Prairie Rose Elementary; Kody Goddard, Brock Corydon; Krzysztof Dubowik, Holy Ghost; Laura Hill, Maren Tyc, Tuxedo Park;da Natasha Broughton, Bettina Boda, Dieppe; Nathan Lupu, Queenston; Nicholas Cherkun, Matthew Bohoychuk, Inkster; Olivia Tines, Stefanie Filmon, Tuxedo Park; Paul Kee, Tuxedo Park; Phoebe Crate, Julie Chaske, Charles Sinclair; Ryan Dotzlaw, Owen Rerick, Maple Leaf; Samantha Pennell, Nadia Gill, Viscount Alexander; Sarah DemarÈ, Holly Maxwell, Tuxedo Park; Shauna Letexier, Brianna Wilson, Charles Sinclair; Skai McLean, Dieppe; Soffia Fridfinnson, Kailani Pagtakhan, Angus McKay; Stefano De Sordi, Scott Bergen, Tuxedo Park; Vic Wang, St Avila; Vincent Kim, Linden Meadows; Xavier McMaster-Hubner, Christine Lesperance;

Silver Medal

Alex Zaremba, St Gerard; Alexander Christodoulou, Linden Christian; Amanda Losier, Holy Ghost; Andrew Jorowski, Dieppe; Andrew Prosser, Maple Leaf; Andy Fridfinnson, Laurel Fife, Angus McKay; Bronwyn Bryan, St Avila; Bryan Milan, Maple Leaf; Carolyn Currie, Anna Laing, Queenston; Chantel Hamilton, Maple Leaf; Cole Newkirk, Linden Christian; Daliah Essa, Alhijra Islamic; Hajrah Ata, Maple Leaf; Katrina Dotzlaw, Maple Leaf; KELSEY OMAGA, Holy Ghost; Leah Chabot, Olivia Landry, Dieppe; Matthew Szpakowski, Holy Ghost; Mila Lobato de Faria, William Cram, The Laureate Academy; Zahrah Tariq, Wardah Tariq, Alhijra Islamic;

 Gold Medal

Aymen El-mazini, Alhijra Islamic; Hailey Cormier, Mia Benarroch, Brock Corydon; Josh Levesque, Brock Corydon; Holly Murdock, Tyra Williams, Charles Sinclair; Signe Roehr, Mariel Roehr, Donwood Elementary; Drenna Lameg, Dieppe; Shae O'Halloran, Dieppe; Jack Dyson, Opasquia; Abbey Mondor, Tuxedo Park; Jefferson Brodt, Luke Pilkey, Tuxedo Park; Kate Abram, Tuxedo Park; Keith Yap, Holy Ghost; Magdalena Szpakowski, Holy Ghost; Paul Wertepny, Holy Ghost; Clarissa Nitafan, Holy Ghost; Emily Grant, Holy Ghost; Grace Slivinski, Holy Ghost; Hannah Lyttle, Kidnetics Energy Girls; Kara Glor, Linden Christian; Luke Gingerich, Linden Christian; Caleb Bergmann, Linden Christian; Alesa Isaak, Nancy Sawatzky, Lowe Farm; Sara-Jane Krezanski, Maple Leaf; Rebecca Nykyforuk, Maple Leaf; Andrew Moran, Maple Leaf; Jerome Kristofer Mansilla, Stanley Knowles; Anna Diehl-Jones, Jenna Latimer, Viscount Alexander;


Honourable Mention

Michael Pang, Acadia; Abhinav Dhingra, Acadia; Riley Dodds, Acadia; Salahadin Ali, Alhijra Islamic; Bassam Mukhtar, Alhijra Islamic; Kayla Lang, Bruce Middle; Bailey Kaye, Bruce Middle; Joseph Singh, Golden Gate Middle; Amber Wiebe, Morden Middle; Nash Castrojeres, Alexis Yabut , General Wolfe; Shaydel Chittick, Gillis; Mikayla Early, Gillis; Vienna Castanaga, Lemielita Soriano, Holy Cross; Anthony Reyes, Holy Ghost; Robert Wertepny, Holy Ghost; Phaedra Palmer, John Henderson; Ilya Osachuk, John Pritchard; Allyson Timmers, Kendra Wilson, Laidlaw; Devlin Duxbury, Laidlaw; Crystal Gumieny, Lincoln Middle; JOSH ZILKIE, Morris; Jessica Klassen, Caitlyn Nickel, Morris; Michael Peterson, Riverton Institute; Caitlin Paterson, St Emile; Will Lassen, St Emile; Harkamal Dhillon, St Gerard; Karlee Lemus, Magdalina Buratchuk, St Gerard; Jessie Kuzyk, Nettie Friesen, St John's High; Lahiru Wijesinghe, St John's Ravenscourt;

Bronze Medal

Alyssa Jaculak, Gillis; Amal Hossain, Arthur A Leach; Amin Bouhadi, Alhijra Islamic; Bailey Slobodesky, Gillis; Bryson Schettler, Arborg Early Middle Years; Cassidy Maidment, Balmoral Hall; Chelsea Zhu, Jenna Guan, Acadia; Crystal Gumieny, Lincoln Middle; Dean Pistorius, Christian du Preez, The Laureate Academy; Dustin Dela Cruz, Holy Ghost; Emily Isaak, Rayne Milne, Lowe Farm; Erik Larson, Anthony Sze, Acadia; Gabriella Untereiner-Falk, Morden Middle; Hannah Payumo, St Emile; Hazel Ramirez, Holy Ghost; Heather Rempel, Tessa Clark, Morris; HeeJin Kim, Arthur A Leach; Jeremy Artimowich, Gillis; Jude Braun, Golden Gate Middle; Kathleen Kozakewich, Maggie wang, St Emile; Kyler Harper, Ashton Johnson, Niji Mahkwa; Leah Bernhardt, Balmoral Hall; Leif Gudmundson, Holy Cross; Madison Yuzicapi, Niji Mahkwa; Manjot Singh Sainbhi, Arthur A Leach; Maryam Azami, Alhijra Islamic; Max Querel, St Emile; Nicole Fedorchuk, Gillis; Nilusha Wijewardana, Navindya Lokugonaduwage, Acadia; Precious Reyes, Piyumi Perera, St John's High; Saba Bahreini, Megan Florence, Arthur A Leach; Sara Wang, Acadia; Sasha Motnenko, Laidlaw; Sean Jackson, Chayse Woodward, Laidlaw; Sharlene Mabasa, Holy Cross; Tessa Reimer, Lilian Fridfinnson, John Henderson; Tyler Gallant, Gillis; Victoria Filz, Morden Middle;

Silver Medal

Aaron Roller, Linden Christian; Alice Su, Vicky Zhang, Acadia; Alyssa Visda, Kristin Kozera, Holy Cross; Angus Morin, St Emile; Ashan Weebedda, St John's Ravenscourt; Ashley Wong, Raegen Shaw, Arthur A Leach; Brennan Siemens, Linden Christian; Colin Waugh, River Heights; Cynthia Merlyn James, Taylor Lynne Kachmar, Acadia; Emily Scott, Moneca Dunsford, St Emile; Erin Robert, Morris; Eyob Melesse, Brody Young, St Gerard; Hali Arsenault, Ivory Jorgenson, Morris; Inaksha Yakandawala, Arthur A Leach; Jazmin Novoselnik, Springfield Middle; Jeremy Findlay, Holy Cross; Jessie McTaggart, Sarah Gage, Balmoral Hall; Joseph Rodriguez, Nathan Gabriel, Holy Cross; Kate Evans, Claudia Fernandes, St Charles Catholic; Kyra Fanning, Amanda Fanning, Acadia; Liz He, Acadia; Matthew Nachtigall, Daniel Bernardin , St Emile; Matthew Szyszko, Eric Miranda, Holy Ghost; Noah de Vries, River Heights; RAHIM MIRZA, River Heights; Riley Stevenson, Alex Enns, Morris; Rushika Khatkar, Acadia; Ryszard Dubowik, Holy Ghost; Shrey Gupta, St John's Ravenscourt; Stefan Tosovic, Miqueas Linares, Arthur A Leach; Steven Olson, Linden Christian; Young Bi, Mengjie Qu, Acadia; Zev Robinson, River Heights;

Gold Medal

Austin Fruck, Acadia; Talha Suboor, Colin Marsch, Acadia; Katherine Li, Acadia; Benjamin Liu, Acadia; Kanchini Ratnayaka, Acadia; Ann Ding, Acadia; Yoonsik Park, Andrea Abeysekera, Acadia; Joseph Thomas, Acadia; Christian Choy, Ryan Murray, Acadia; Breanna Belisle, Acadia; Abhishek Chakraborty, Acadia; Zoha Muhammad, Alhijra Islamic; Chris Lansang, Annie Ross, ASTEC@SJCI; Rithikha Rajamohan, Balmoral Hall; Vanessa McKay, Golden Gate Middle; Tim Roth, Sean Geary, River Heights; Scott Bachus, Christopher McCallum, River Heights; Amanda Wong, Grant Park High; Grace Daet, Holy Ghost; Lincoln Middle , Iqra Sahar Tariq; Alyssa Friesen, Linden Christian; David Budnick, Linden Christian; Jillana Groening, Lowe Farm; Acadia, Matthew Toews; Selena Gelinas, St Charles Catholic; Thomas Tran, Shady Rizk, St Emile; Franco Aiello, Reagan Tran, St Emile;



Honourable Mention

Ashley Emond, Veronica Mihic, St Boniface Diocesan; Domenica Burroughs, Jasmine Gabriel, St Boniface Diocesan; Erick Alban, St Boniface Diocesan; Jeffy Joyees, St Boniface Diocesan; Joseph Santo Domingo, St Boniface Diocesan; Kaitlyn GonÁalves, St Boniface Diocesan; Kara Pilek, St Boniface Diocesan; Mary Grace Leyson, St Boniface Diocesan; Nicholas Grimes, St Boniface Diocesan; Olga Muzicenco, Madison Marko, St Boniface Diocesan; shahad abdulrazaq, Alhijra Islamic;

Bronze Medal

Ailin Liao, Fort Richmond; Blien Tewelde, Anmol Dhaliwal, Shaftesbury High; Charmaine Agsalud, Lauren de Luna, Sisler High; Deelaka Ratnayake, Fort Richmond; Dylan Monney, St Boniface Diocesan; Grace Zhou, Dhasni Muthumuni, Acadia; Joel Vicente, Derek Fonseca, Sisler High; Justin Losier, St Boniface Diocesan; Mariam Ahmed, Jesse Bercier, Steinback Regional; Marvin Cantillan, Richard Osis, St Boniface Diocesan; Michele Fieden, Caitlin Edwards, St Boniface Diocesan; Monica Cabral, St Boniface Diocesan; Nikki Rose Macatula, St Boniface Diocesan; Parisa Selseleh, Arthur A Leach; Rana Ignacio, Sisler High; Ralu Eze, St Boniface Diocesan; Sarah Scott, Jezy Morales, Sisler High; Sasha Towfigh, Acadia;

 Silver Medal

Amandah Dunsford, St Boniface Diocesan; Ashley Bell, Akanksha Atrey, Fort Richmond; Charith Karunatilake, Acadia; Christian Reyes, St Boniface Diocesan; Chrystalle Omaga, St Boniface Diocesan; Dillon Ragbirsingh, St Boniface Diocesan; Hannah Jensrud, Evangeline Paul, Sisler High; J.P. Austria, Julian Sanchez, St Boniface Diocesan; Kara Chan, Grace Wei, Acadia; Kyunghyun Kim, St Boniface Diocesan; Lunan Zhao, Jerricson Carloto, General Wolfe; Malshi Karunatilake, Fort Richmond; Pari Desai, Paige Elenbaas, Glenlawn; Paul Gocik, St Boniface Diocesan; Shalini Abeysekera, Fort Richmond; Shirley Yu, Jia Jia Geng, Acadia;

Gold Medal

Allen Liu, St John's Ravenscourt; Ashali Wanigasekara, Acadia; Callie-Rae Nachtigall, St Boniface Diocesan; Che Eun (Sandy) Lee, St Mary's Academy; Christina Gray, Grant Park High; Daisy Liu, Fort Richmond; Dale Forro, Camille Antonio, General Wolfe; Dareen El-Sayed, Acadia; Deborah Chan, Nancy Li, Fort Richmond; Ella Thomson, Balmoral Hall; Elsa Kaka, Westwood; Hongru Ren, Andrew Lee, Fort Richmond; Leanne Chan, Sisler High; Lisa Huang, Megan Esguerra, Sisler High; Nadith Gunasekara, Fort Rihmond; Rylen de Vries, Kelvin High; sachin vijayan, Acadia; Samia Nadeem, Fort Richmond; Sarah Wang, Fort Richmond; Shuyi Wu, Nicole Burns, Fort Richmond; Sonia Wilson, Acadia; Stephanie Cruz, Keisha Mendoza, Sisler High; Thyaharajan Visweswaran, Acadia;



Bronze Medal

Jennifer Page, Oak Park High; Jovana Tosovic, Fort Richmond; Nancy Zhang, Tian Xu, Fort Richmond; Agron Morina, Gordon Bell High; Joo Hee Park, St Mary's Academy; Devin Edwards, West Kildonan; Astrid Cox, Balmoral Hall; Janine Mason, Amber Harper, George Knott;

Silver Medal

Yue Liu, Fort Richmond; Brent Murphy, Fort Richmond;

Gold Medal

Chris Kraljevic, Shaftesbury High; Rajas Tipnis, Tony Zhou, Fort Richmond; Suraj Srinivasan, George Ng, Fort Richmond; Cody Shaw, Fort Richmond; Nirusan Jayaranjan, CollËge Sturgeon Heights; Siyuan Cheng, Fort Richmond; Riyeon Kim, Fort Richmond; Parminder Gill, University of Winnipeg;


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