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Results from rural Manitoba

Hey there, time traveller!
This article was published 27/10/2010 (2486 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Results continue to trickle in from rural Manitoba. Click here for up-to-date results.

Here are results from rural Manitoba.


Albert, RM
Reeve Sterling, Brian   
Reeve Campbell, Tom      elected
Councillor Perreault, Roland    acclaimed
Councillor Dickson, Tom    acclaimed  
Councillor Gray, Darwin     acclaimed
Councillor Wheelans, Bruce   acclaimed

Alexander, RM
Reeve Arnold, Ed  elected
Reeve Goodfellow, Gerald    
Reeve O’Leary, Michael   
Councillor Thornton, John elected
Councillor Yosyk, Alvin elected
Councillor Robertson, Kim
Councillor Kinghorn, Mac   acclaimed
Councillor Kaye, Gord
Councillor Corrie, Cheryhl
Councillor Hallgrimson, Gil
Councillor Lavigne, Don
Councillor Pasaluko, Bill
Councillor Dubé, Odile B.

Alonsa, RM
Reeve Asham, Stan  elected
Reeve Shuttleworth, Lena    
Councillor Finney, Lyle   elected
Councillor Anderson, Tom   elected  
Councillor Waczko, Edward     acclaimed  
Councillor Capp, Dean     acclaimed
Councillor Dayholos, Terry   acclaimed  
Councillor Kopp, Steven      elected  
Councillor Jacob, Joey         
Councillor Orvis, Rory  
Councillor Bruce, James   
Councillor Smith, Joseph

Arborg, Town
Mayor SIGURDSON, Randy   acclaimed  
Councillor LEDUCHOWSKI, Vivian    acclaimed
Councillor MEDWID, Susan    acclaimed
Councillor OLAFSON, Erica    acclaimed
Councillor THORSTEINSON, Rob    acclaimed

Archie, RM
Reeve Davidson, Wendy  elected      
Reeve Judd, Thomas        
Councillor Peters, Rob   acclaimed  
Councillor Poole, Robin   elected      
Councillor Judd, Bryon   elected      
Councillor Hudon, Colin   elected      
Councillor Lowes, Barry   elected    
Councillor Bowey, Gordon   elected
Councillor Henry, Derald  
Councillor Webb, Steven  
Councillor Byers, David
Councillor Lewis, Donald     
Councillor Gibson, Ron     
Councillor Coleman, Charlie

Argyle, RM
Reeve Conibear, Bob    acclaimed    
Councillor Stephenson, Hugh    elected
Councillor Lockhart, Jim    elected
Councillor Pantel, Marilynne    elected
Councillor Collins, Mark    elected
Councillor Martens, Daniel    elected
Councillor Vermeersch, Darrian    elected  
Councillor Kay, Tom   

Armstrong, RM
Reeve Marchak, Les   
Reeve Wasylowski, Garry   elected
Councillor Pfrimmer, Allen   elected
Councillor Lavallee, Carol   elected
Councillor Brown, Ron    not determined
Councillor Marks, Gordon   not determined
Councillor Yablonski, David      acclaimed
Councillor Evanchyshin, Allen   elected
Councillor Sumka, Ted TIE
Councillor Woychyshyn, Diane TIE
Councillor Hazelton, Ralph
Councillor O’Brien, James (Jim)
Councillor Chikousky, Gary
Councillor Stogrin, Joe
Councillor Kaschyshyn, Donald
Councillor Spakowski, Wayne

Arthur, RM
Reeve Trewin, James (Jim)  elected  
Reeve Caldwell, Barry      
Councillor Hainsworth, Rolland    acclaimed
Councillor McKinney, Jeff  acclaimed  
Councillor Dell, Gordon elected  
Councillor Serruys, Wayne  acclaimed
Councillor Renwick, Robert

Beausejour, Town
Mayor Saluk, Brad  elected
Mayor Schwark, Lyle   
Councillor Goethals, Jeff  elected
Councillor Klapprat, Alvin  elected
Councillor Berry, Art  elected  
Councillor Dubray, Ed  elected  
Councillor Rowson, Tick   
Councillor Dumoulin, Claudia    
Councillor Baxter, Michael   

Benito, Village
Mayor Vacant        
Councillor Zebinski, Bill   acclaimed
Councillor Scouten, Verne    acclaimed  
Councillor Offenberger, Dale    acclaimed  
Councillor Schneider, Grant   acclaimed

Bilfrost, RM
Reeve Foster, Harold J.    acclaimed  
Councillor Magnusson, Marvin   elected
Councillor Klym, Gordon   acclaimed
Councillor Firman, Darvin elected
Councillor Shott, David    acclaimed
Councillor Chomokovski, Richard    acclaimed
Councillor Vigfusson, Donald acclaimed
Councillor Sewell, Sally
Councillor Karatchuk, John R.
Councillor Nordal, Morley

Binscarth, Village
Mayor Sawchuk, Dale  acclaimed    
Councillor Burton, Brent  elected
Councillor Ireland, Caroline  elected  
Councillor Cozens, Toon  elected      
Councillor Cadieux, Rene  elected
Councillor Haliuk, Brian  

Birtle, RM
Reeve Wilson, Roger    acclaimed
Councillor Ashcroft, Lawson    acclaimed  
Councillor Bertram, Charles   acclaimed  
Councillor Butler, Morley    acclaimed
Councillor Swereda, Murray    acclaimed

Boissevain, Town
Mayor Anderson, M. Ed    acclaimed    
Councillor Reichert, Eric  elected
Councillor Nixon, Brenda  elected
Councillor Adams, Rob  elected  
Councillor Maxwell, Brian  elected
Councillor Gibb, Vince   

Bowsman, Village
Mayor Hutman, Leanne    acclaimed
Councillor Readman, Joyce  elected
Councillor McFadyen, Garry  elected
Councillor Currie, Daphne  elected  
Councillor Densen, Courtney  elected
Councillor Brow, Paul   
Councillor Bell, Julie   

Brenda, RM
Reeve Stewart, Duncan  elected
Reeve Brigden, Bob   
Councillor Leforte, Ken   acclaimed    
Councillor Griffith, Dustin   acclaimed
Councillor McInnis, Wayne   elected      
Councillor Perrimin, Rick   elected
Councillor DeKeyser, Bill
Councillor DeKeyser, Jody   

Brokenhead, RM
Reeve Dudeck, Glen  elected
Reeve Mosquin, Dan   
Councillor Michaels, Sean  elected  
Councillor Rattai, Melvin  elected  
Councillor Reske, Crystal  elected
Councillor Zirk, Ken    elected
Councillor Ferens, Ruth     
Councillor Kowalchuk, Jack   

Cameron, RM
Reeve Drummond, Wayne    acclaimed
Councillor Mosby, Ewen   acclaimed
Councillor Phillips, Murray   acclaimed
Councillor Martin, Claude   acclaimed
Councillor White, Gord   acclaimed

Carberry, Town
Mayor Blair, Wayne    acclaimed  
Councillor Aitken, Dale    acclaimed  
Councillor Anderson, Barry     acclaimed
Councillor Mann, Lin    acclaimed
Councillor Olmstead, Stuart    acclaimed

Cartier, RM
Reeve Rasmussen, Roland    acclaimed  
Councillor Fossay, Dale   acclaimed
Councillor Arnal, Gerry   acclaimed   
Councillor Peters, Andrew   acclaimed  
Councillor Whitechurch, Robert   acclaimed  
Councillor Bouchard, Dan   acclaimed    
Councillor Beaudin, Ken St.   acclaimed
Councillor to be appointed       
Councillor to be appointed  

Clanwilliam, RM
Reeve Barabiuk, Victor    acclaimed
Councillor Turchinski, Craig    acclaimed
Councillor Maduke, Dave   acclaimed
Councillor Woloshen, Les   elected
Councillor Nylen, Jim    acclaimed
Councillor Tiller, Dennis 3  

Cornwallis, RM
Reeve Atkinson, Reg    acclaimed
Councillor Egert, Emil   elected
Councillor Brown, Bob   acclaimed
Councillor Hofer, Sam    acclaimed
Councillor Dalgleish, Heather   elected
Councillor Wasserberg, Kurt acclaimed
Councillor Greer, Ward  acclaimed
Councillor Robins, Don
Councillor Shelvey, Dave

Crystal City, Village
Mayor McKitrick, William    acclaimed
Councillor Wheeler, Glen    acclaimed  
Councillor Funk, Donald    acclaimed
Councillor Robinson, Len    acclaimed
Councillor Gorchynski, Michael    acclaimed

Daly, RM
Reeve Smith, Evan    acclaimed
Councillor McLeod, Shane   acclaimed
Councillor Wurtz, Sam   acclaimed  
Councillor Falkevitch, Dave   acclaimed
Councillor Veitch, Rod   acclaimed  
Councillor Dyer, Ian   acclaimed
Councillor Fast, Larry   acclaimed

De Salaberry, RM
Reeve Musick, Ron  elected
Reeve Gagne, Claude   
Councillor Catellier, Patrick Dufrost  elected
Councillor Gosselin, James LUD St. Malo   acclaimed
Councillor Comeault, Maurice LUD St. Malo   acclaimed  
Councillor Lambert, Francois LUD St. Malo   acclaimed
Councillor Germain, Roy Otterburne  elected
Councillor Maynard, Gerry St. Malo  elected  
Councillor Marion, Marc St. Malo   elected
Councillor Hebert, Bruno Dufrost  
Councillor Hamonic, Marc Dufrost  
Councillor Carbonneau, Andre Otterburne   
Councillor Lefevre, Marie Otterburne  
Councillor Czarnecki, Jason St. Malo  
Councillor Cure, Darrel St. Malo  

Deloraine, Town
Mayor Franklin, Brian   acclaimed    
Councillor Hall, Brad  elected
Councillor Hathaway, Roy  elected
Councillor Kirkwood, Cliff  elected
Councillor Williams, Leona  elected
Councillor Bell, Bill   

Dunnottar, Village
Mayor Gamble, Rick    elected
Mayor Licharson, Larry  
Councillor Oberding, David  elected
Councillor Johnson, Dave  elected  
Councillor Campbell, Bob  elected
Councillor Newberry, Doug  elected
Councillor Mather, Robin    

Elkhorn, Village
Mayor Gagnon, Roland  elected
Mayor Robinson, Brian   
Councillor Nesbitt, Corinne  elected
Councillor Opper, Hartley  elected
Councillor Roblin, Keith  elected  
Councillor Tutthill, Kevin  elected
Councillor Martin, Kenneth   
Councillor Rookes, Dianne   


Gimli, RM

Mayor Greenberg, Lynn, elected
Councillor Luprypa, Danny elected
Councillor Peiluck, Peter elected
Councillor Petrowski, Richard elected
Councillor Zaborosky, Luke elected
Mayor McKenzie, Brian
Mayor Nelson, Gus
Mayor Strachan, Gil
Councillor Adamik, Lawrence
Councillor Cameron, Judith
Councillor Johnson, Marilyn
Councillor LeBlanc, Dave
Councillor Markusson, Daphne
Councillor Strong, Catherine

Morris, Town
Mayor Van der Linde, Gavin    acclaimed    
Councillor Ginter, William  elected
Councillor Murray, Ruth  elected
Councillor Thiessen, Trevor  elected
Councillor Third, Bruce  elected
Councillor Hinchey, Mike  elected
Councillor Crick, Scott  elected
Councillor Smith, David    

Notre Dame de Lourdes, Village
Mayor Bibault, Denis    acclaimed
Councillor Briscese, Sergio    acclaimed  
Councillor Collette, Gilbert    acclaimed  
Councillor vacant        
Councillor vacant

Plum Coulee, Town
Mayor Heinrichs, Archie    acclaimed  
Councillor Reimer, Wayne    acclaimed  
Councillor Letkeman, June    acclaimed  
Councillor Penner, Lloyd    acclaimed    
Councillor Martens, Steve    acclaimed

Powerview-Pine Falls, Town
Mayor Watson, Gord  elected
Mayor Ostrowski, Henry   
Councillor Chartier, Tim  elected
Councillor Dube, Henry  elected
Councillor McLarnon, Trish   acclaimed
Councillor Pomfret, James

Russell, Town
Mayor Radford, Chris  elected
Mayor Clement, Joan  
Councillor Havelange, Brent    acclaimed
Councillor Popp, Keith    acclaimed
Councillor Pushka, Willis    acclaimed
Councillor Shuya, Lyndon    acclaimed

St. Laurent, RM
Reeve Zotter, Earl elected
Councillor Wurm, Lisa elected
Councillor Sedleski, Mona elected
Councillor Johnson, Derek elected
Councillor Johnson, Tom elected
Reeve Singh, Bhoag
Reeve Chartrand, Marc
Reeve Walker, Ronald
Councillor Diel, Rachelle
Councillor McKay, Kelly
Councillor Chartrand, Julie
Councillor Gaudry, Allan
Councillor Ducharme, George
Councillor Allard, Luc
Councillor Lavallee, Greg
Councillor SIgurdson, Hugh


St. Pierre-Jolys, Village
Mayor Fillion, Denis    acclaimed
Councillor Fallis, Mona    acclaimed  
Councillor Nadeau, Luc    acclaimed
Councillor Martel, Brian    acclaimed
Councillor Gosselin, Guy   acclaimed

Strathcona, RM
Reeve Schram, Dennis  elected  
Reeve Stephenson, Garth     
Councillor Myers, Dennis   acclaimed
Councillor Cline, Bradley   acclaimed
Councillor Wilton, Jeffrey   acclaimed
Councillor McEachern, Fay   acclaimed
Councillor Pratt, Mildred LUD Belmont   acclaimed

Stuartburn, RM
Reeve Swidersky, Jim  elected
Reeve Kiansky, David    
Councillor Bodz, Dan   acclaimed  
Councillor Penner, Ed   acclaimed  
Councillor Gawronsky, John O.  elected
Councillor Narth, Konrad   elected
Councillor Pitura, Robert
Councillor Hiebert, Bryan
Councillor Alexiuk, Blaine

Tache, RM
Reeve Danylchuk, William  elected  
Reeve Sutherland, David    
Councillor Trudeau, Jacques   acclaimed  
Councillor Koop, Robert   acclaimed  
Councillor Menard, David    acclaimed  
Councillor Deschambault, Ross   elected
Councillor Stein, Steven   elected
Councillor Heather, Bill   elected
Councillor Rivard, Andy   elected
Councillor Plett, Murray   elected  
Councillor Termeer, Cheryl   elected
Councillor Graham, Tim   elected
Councillor Mitosinka, Debra   elected  
Councillor Sarrasin, Dennis   elected
Councillor Tardiff, Ron
Councillor Gurican, Ed
Councillor Ross, Dan
Councillor Chappellaz, Elie
Councillor Kroeker, Gerald
Councillor Toews, Al
Councillor Valks, Mike
Councillor Laramee, Carol

The Pas, Town
Mayor McLauchlan, Alan  elected
Mayor Jaques, Herb        
Councillor Lagimodiere, Bert     
Councillor Forward, Andrew  
Councillor Clarkson, Ray  
Councillor Marnock, John   
Councillor Gurba, Ken
Councillor Scott, Jim
Councillor Nemeth, Grant  
Councillor Shand, Delwin  

Thompson, RM
Reeve Vanstone, Jason    acclaimed  
Councillor McTavish, Walter  acclaimed  
Councillor Gall, Wayne elected
Councillor Jackson, George  elected
Councillor Knox, Huntley   acclaimed
Councillor Kroeker, Ernie  elected
Councillor Williment, Wayne
Councillor Bott, Brian
Councillor Cox, Brian
Councillor Hildebrand, Rick

Victoria Beach, RM

Reeve Farrell, Tom acclaimed
Councillor McKibbon, Kathy elected
Councillor Boyd, Karin elected
Councillor McMorris, Penny elected
Councillor Morrison, Bruce elected
Councillor Carlson, Michelle
Councillor Lyon, Bob
Councillor Gooding, Paul
Councillor Hnderson, David

Virden, Town
Mayor McConnell, Jeff    acclaimed
Councillor Johnson, Terry    acclaimed
Councillor Chacun, Maxine    acclaimed  
Councillor Schneider, Tonya    acclaimed
Councillor Careme, Joe    acclaimed
Councillor Wright, Murray    acclaimed
Councillor Girardin, Lomer    acclaimed

Winchester, RM
Reeve Dillabough, Michael  acclaimed
Councillor Devuyst, Leona   elected
Councillor Weidenhamer, Gordon   acclaimed  
Councillor Schoonbaert, Rick   acclaimed  
Councillor Sexton, Richard    acclaimed
Councillor Shipman, Carol
Councillor Wilson, Lorna

Winnipeg Beach, Town
Mayor Pimental, Tony  elected
Mayor Kelner, Reid    
Mayor Chambers, Archie    
Councillor Carry, Daryl  elected  
Councillor Dodd, Sonya  elected
Councillor Dykes, Peter  elected
Councillor Reykdal, Ryan  elected
Councillor Pommer, Lawrence    
Councillor Darroux, Velma    
Councillor Andrushak, Lorraine   
Councillor Scott, Todd   
Councillor Hendeerson, Bill    
Councillor Figler, Frank   
Councillor Halabura, Mike   

Winnipegosis, Village
Mayor Brown, Dan    acclaimed
Councillor Benson, Brent  elected
Councillor Riley, Pauline  elected
Councillor Tkachyshyn, Paul   not determined
Councillor Voigt, David     not determined
Councillor Wright, Lawrence (Larry)  elected
Councillor Sahulka, Alice Tie
Councillor Peterson, Cameron Tie
Councillor Barbe, Robert
Councillor Lausman, Elvira   
Councillor Patterson, Mark  

Woodlands, RM
Mayor Walsh, Don    acclaimed  
Councillor Oliver, Doug   elected
Councillor Buchanan, Ila   elected
Councillor Fleury, Carl   elected
Councillor King, Trevor   elected  
Councillor Jones, Gavin   elected
Councillor Peltz, Garry   elected  
Councillor Fleury, Bill    
Councillor Gallant, Craig   
Councillor de Laroque, Fred   
Councillor Broadfoot, Lorna   

Woodworth, RM
Reeve Denis Carter    acclaimed
Councillor Elder, Marvin   acclaimed
Councillor Caldwell, Val   acclaimed
Councillor Good, Bob   acclaimed  
Councillor Logan, Larry   acclaimed  
Councillor Langlois, Sandra   elected
Councillor Routledge, Murray  elected
Councillor McQuaker, Bill  
Councillor Norek, Howard


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