Ward Councillor for Elmwood - East Kildonan


54.78%6,171 votes


45.22%5,095 votes

Last Updated: 9:25 PM 24/10/2018)
Eligible Voters: 31614 | Total Ballots Cast: 11471 | Turnout: 36.28%| Tabulators: 46/46

Elmwood-East Kildonan

Elmwood-East Kildonan incumbent Jason Schreyer has one challenger — Rob Massey, who is hoping history repeats there.

In 2014, troubled one-term councillor Thomas Steen was soundly thrashed by the NDP-affiliated Schreyer, son of former premier and Gov.-Gen. Ed Schreyer.

Massey, a church pastor, coach and mentor who lives in the area, says neither Steen nor Schreyer were ward residents when they were elected.

He’s hoping to oust one-term Schreyer who’s faced criticism over his expenses, with his city-issued credit card suspended last year after he filed his expenses late for the fourth time and for ringing up 600 personal expenses over 2015 and 2016, totalling $57,000, and was repeatedly late in repaying the funds.

The Free Press invited all council and mayoral candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, their platforms and what they hope to achieve in office. Read their responses below.


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