Ward Councillor for Mynarski


65.93%6,854 votes


34.08%3,542 votes

Micheal WIENS: 17.24% - 1792 votes
Greg LITTLEJOHN: 13.21% - 1373 votes
Dave CAPAR: 3.63% - 377 votes

Last Updated: 9:25 PM 24/10/2018)
Eligible Voters: 34883 | Total Ballots Cast: 10593 | Turnout: 30.37%| Tabulators: 48/48


In Mynarski, which absorbed the Point Douglas ward neighbourhoods of Mynarski and Robertson as well as the Dufferin neighbourhood, incumbent Ross Eadie is up against three challengers.

Lawyer Greg Littlejohn is hoping the fourth time will be a charm after running for the ward three times previously.

Longtime ward resident and business owner Mike Wiens and David Capar, who ran in 2014, are also vying for the council seat.

The Free Press invited all council and mayoral candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, their platforms and what they hope to achieve in office. Read their responses below.


Micheal Wiens

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Greg Littlejohn

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Dave Capar

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Ross Eadie

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