Ward Councillor for North Kildonan


77.17%12,796 votes



Andrew PODOLECKI: 22.83% - 3786 votes

Last Updated: 9:25 PM 24/10/2018)
Eligible Voters: 35474 | Total Ballots Cast: 16978 | Turnout: 47.86%| Tabulators: 46/46

North Kildonan

In North Kildonan, which absorbed the Old Kildonan neighbourhoods of Riverbend and Rivergrove, incumbent city councillor Jeff Browaty has held the seat since being elected in 2006. He has just one challenger – Andrew Podolecki.

Podolecki, a University of Winnipeg student, is running in North Kildonan for the second time.

Browaty had earlier entertained the idea of challenging incumbent Brian Bowman for mayor.

Browaty introduced the motion for the civic election ballot question that will ask voters on Oct. 24 if they want Portage and Main reopened to pedestrians.

The Free Press invited all council and mayoral candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, their platforms and what they hope to achieve in office. Read their responses below.


Andrew Podolecki

Born in North Vancouver, I’ve lived all over Western Canada, but i’ve lived in North Kildonan for nearly 20 years now. But the history of my family in North Kildonan dates back to the start of the 20th Century when my great-papa bought a farmhouse on Devon Ave over 100 years ago.

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Jeff Browaty

A life-long resident of North Kildonan, Jeff Browaty has served as councillor of North Kildonan since 2006. On council, Browaty has earned a reputation for listening to constituent's concerns. His Facebook group, North Kildonan - Your Neighbourhood, Your Priorities has over 11,000 members where community issues are discussed. He has chaired and been on many council committees, board and commissions.

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