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Growth in Old Kildonan a natural progress

Councillor candidate wants to see lower taxes, better roads

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This article was published 9/10/2018 (715 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.


A city councillor candidate for the Old Kildonan Ward said he has earned experience seeing the growth in other cities he’s lived in.

A city councillor candidate for the Old Kildonan Ward said he has earned experience seeing the growth in other cities he’s lived in.

Brad Gross is running for city councillor in the Old Kildonan Ward.


Brad Gross is running for city councillor in the Old Kildonan Ward.


Brad Gross, 52, grew up in the Templeton-Sinclair neighbourhood before moving to St. Boniface after he finished high school. Since then, he’s lived in Ontario, Calgary, and Edmonton before coming back to Winnipeg to stay close to his kids.

Gross has worked in sales his entire life and has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He said a councillor needs to know how to listen to people and negotiate.

"I think it’s important to put somebody in city council that’s a good negotiator and makes sure that things are done properly for the residents and for the city," he continued. 

"I’ve experienced living in different cities and seeing how changes have been implemented, and growth has been implemented."

He listed some things that residents have identified as priorities and said he is not for opening the Portage and Main intersection.

"From the people that I’ve talked to when I went door-knocking, definitely road repairs, crime is creeping into the neighbourhood a little greater than it used to be and recreational parks and services could use an update or a facelift."

Also, he mentioned how North Dakota, across the border, has better roads than Winnipeg because they use better materials rather than just choosing what’s cheaper.

"Maybe the cost is a little higher but if it means that the cost is a little higher and they last longer, it makes sense to do it right the first time," he said. "We can’t open Portage and Main at this time when there are so many streets that need repair. Let’s just do the things that we need today and not the cosmetic things."

Old Kildonan is being affected by the fast growth happening in Winnipeg, Gross said. There are new developments and new businesses coming to the area, such as the Aurora at North Point developments and the Garden City Shopping Centre renovations.

"A lot of that growth is due to vacant land that’s been there for so many years. It’s a natural progress," Gross said.

With that, traffic has become more massive than before, and Gross said a solution would be leaving the lights on green for a little longer to get cars moving. As a way to increase traffic safety, he wants to end hidden red light cameras.

"They are meant to slow down speeders so that they are more aware of safety concerns. I would recommend bringing those to more visibility, so people aren’t being trapped or fooled."

Gross also mentioned the city needs to see its citizens as customers and do what is a priority for them to retain its residents.

"It’s important to treat our citizens as our customers because really, they are. That’s why so many people have decided to move out of the city, or communities outside for lower taxes. I think that’s one of the major reasons."

Ligia Braidotti

Ligia Braidotti
Community journalist — The Times

Ligia Braidotti is the community journalist for The Times. Email her at

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Ward Councillor for Old Kildonan


57.10%6,923 votes


42.90%5,201 votes

Kaur SIDHU: 23.61% - 2862 votes
Bradley GROSS: 19.29% - 2339 votes

Last Updated: 9:25 PM 24/10/2018)
Eligible Voters: 29517 | Total Ballots Cast: 12338 | Turnout: 41.80%| Tabulators: 44/44

Old Kildonan

In Old Kildonan, incumbent Devi Sharma is trying to hang on to her seat with two challengers — Kaur Sidhu and Bradley Gross.

Sidhu is a pharmacist who has run unsuccessfully at the provincial level and Gross previously made a bid for mayor in 2010.

The ward is called Old Kildonan but it's a ward full of newcomers — 54 per cent of those of voting age are immigrants, according to the University of Winnipeg’s Institute of Urban Studies.

The Free Press invited all council and mayoral candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, their platforms and what they hope to achieve in office. Read their responses below.


Bradley Gross

Father of two young ladies, grew up on Sinclair and Templeton, went to St Johns high school and have worked in sales for ever

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Kaur Sidhu

No response given

Devi Sharma

No response given

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