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Ward Councillor for St. James


55.43%9,130 votes


34.85%5,740 votes



Kurt MORTON: 9.72% - 1601 votes

Last Updated: 9:25 PM 24/10/2018)
Eligible Voters: 37649 | Total Ballots Cast: 16720 | Turnout: 44.41%| Tabulators: 49/49

St. James

The race for St. James features a battle between two incumbent councillors — Scott Gillingham and Shawn Dobson — and newcomer Kurt Morton.

The redrawing of city wards eliminated Dobson’s former ward of St. Charles. Meanwhile, the name of Gillingham’s ward — St. James-Brooklands-Weston — has been shortened to St. James.

The St. Charles neighbourhoods of Buchanan, Crestview, Heritage Park, Saskatchewan North, and Sturgeon Creek have been reassigned to the St. James ward.

Morton works in the city’s planning, property and development department; his campaign priorities include improved support of recreation centres and community services, safer roads and better transit.

The Free Press invited all council and mayoral candidates to fill out a questionnaire about themselves, their platforms and what they hope to achieve in office. Read their responses below.


Kurt Morton

Kurt Morton is a young, progressive candidate who wants to bring a fresh voice to council. He currently works for the City of Winnipeg. He was born in Toronto and moved to Winnipeg with his family when he was 8. He graduated from Vincent Massey Collegiate's French Immersion Program and started a Geography degree at the University of Manitoba. Kurt has taken the last year off of school to work full time and to run for council but will return next year to complete his current degree and pursue a Master's in Urban Planning.

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Scott Gillingham

Scott Gillingham was first elected to Winnipeg City Council in 2014 after serving as pastor of the Grace Community Church for twelve years. During his time on council, he has become widely respected by colleagues, department staff and stakeholders.

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Shawn Dobson

I am a long-time St. James resident with over 50 years in the community. I am happily married with two wonderful children and four grandchildren who all reside within the St. James area. My Grandfather, who I am very proud of, fought in the battle of Vimy Ridge in the First World War while my dad, chose a career in the Air Force. My early years home was on Jameswood Drive, which was the Air Force Base PMQ's at the time. While in high school I worked nights and weekends at The Bay Unicity. Years later I earned my Red Seal as a Journeyman Carpenter and worked on many construction sites in and around Winnipeg before seeking a job closer to home in St. James. I was successful and began a very rewarding career with the St. James School Division where I worked for over 10 years before being elected as a City Councillor in 2014.

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