The Dream Factory - Building Dreams Together

We’re taking over the Winnipeg Free Press today! Here’s why:

The Dream Factory is a Manitoba-based charity that helps sick kids battling life threatening illnesses. To those kids, the real world can be a really scary place!

The Winnipeg Free Press is helping the Dream Factory by telling everyone about them and helping them to find more kids that deserve to have their dreams come true!


No matter the amount, small or large, monthly or a one-time donation, your time or your hard earned money, every bit helps to care for our kids and their families as they aspire to get carried away with whatever brings them the most joy.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you

Donate now! or Refer a child now!

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let's cram it full!

Meet theDream Team

Our extraordinary Dream Factory ambassadors:
The Dream Factory - Brooklyn, AKA Boss Lady


AKA Boss Lady

Brooklyn is an aspiring actress currently studying at MTYP. When she’s not running the show, you can find her hamming it up or donating her time to help others. With skills like that, we wouldn’t put it past her to set her sights on the big screen.

The Dream Factory - Logan, AKA The Enforcer


AKA The Enforcer

Logan is all art, all heart. His ability to tell a joke without cracking a smile is a gift. That and the fact that no one on his team dares to turn over a sub-par story. Procrastinators beware!

The Dream Factory - Preston, AKA The Dream Expert


AKA The Dream Expert

Preston is a best known for his office antics and flip kicks. A tough guy himself, he one-two punched bad days as he battled through kidney cancer. Once a Dream Kid, always a Dream Kid. 

The Dream Factory - Blake, AKA The Ice Cream Afficionado


AKA The Ice Cream Afficionado

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Blake. A lover of animals, anything that contains sugar and all things powered by an engine or a rip cord, Blake has a soft spot for going to the movies and battling it out with BeyBlades. Let it rip!