Just how much snow have you shovelled from your driveway this season?

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This article was published 3/11/2017 (1665 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Just how much snow have you shovelled from your driveway this season?

In our endless pursuit of the hard — and potentially painful — truth, we have devised a calculator to determine that amount.

Find out how many pounds of snow you've heaved -- and determine what that is in bowling balls. Or grand pianos.

To determine the weight of snow, we use the weight of the water estimated to be in the snow and use  up-to-date snowfall data from The Weather Network.

We also made some other assumptions:

//  An adult, male polar bear weighs about 1,140 pounds.
bowlingBallsCalc = (totalResult / 16).toFixed(1); //  the average adult male will generally use a ball that weighs between 14 and 16 pounds. 
catsCalc = (totalResult / 10).toFixed(1); //  An average domestic cat weighs about 10 pounds
DonaldTrumpCalc = (totalResult / 236).toFixed(1); //  1 Donald Trump = 236 pounds
pianoCalc = (totalResult / 600).toFixed(1); //  Steinway Model O Living Room Grand weighs about 600 pou
  • An adult male polar bear weighs about 520 kilograms (1,140 pounds);
  • the average adult male generally uses a bowling ball that weighs between six and seven kg (14 and 16 pounds);
  • An average domestic cat weighs about 4.5 kg (10 pounds);
  • Dustin Byfuglien weighs about 120 kg (260 pounds)
  • A Steinway Model O living room grand piano weighs about 270 kg (600 pounds);
  • Your sidewalk is two-thirds of a metre wide (two feet).

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If you don't know how big your driveway is, you can use this handy tool.