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This article was published 24/10/2010 (3747 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.

Police investigate shooting Stella Walk Saturday night.


Police investigate shooting Stella Walk Saturday night.

8:30 p.m. -- Call comes in for 261 Stella Walk, female dispatcher says a female has been shot, need units to attend. Seconds later, another dispatcher sends out the same info. Officers in every district have now been put on alert.

8:31 -- Within a minute, two police units have assigned themselves. Engines rev, sirens blare as they respond. One of the units is coming from outside the North End district.

At the same time, there is other chaos going on downtown. A call at Fort and Portage for an ambulance having trouble transporting someone says people are boxing them in. Also a call outside the Bank of Montreal for a large crowd, pool of blood. People walking around with video cameras, lots of police doing crowd control. (It's the annual Halloween-season zombie walk, which attracts several thousand.)

8:35 -- Several units are on scene of first shooting. One officer comes up asking if the canine unit is available. Dispatcher says it is en route, along with an ambulance. Several more police cars begin assigning themselves, and are being assigned.

8:39 -- Police officer tells K9 unit that a "tall male wearing all black" took off eastbound from shooting location.

8:40 -- Call comes in for 495 Dufferin, between Powers and Andrews. "Male has been shot."

8:41 -- Dispatcher says caller heard two shots, victim has "fled out the rear door, unknown where on the body he has been shot."

8:42 -- Police say suspect in first shooting seen with a bike previously, may have fled on a mountain bike.

8:43 -- Dispatcher still looking for officers to attend second shooting on Dufferin, no units assigned. Some officers begin to de-assign themselves from Stella and head to Dufferin. Dispatcher describes victim as male, 50s, native, repeats it's unknown where he is.

Police investigate shooting on Dufferin Avenue.


Police investigate shooting on Dufferin Avenue.

8:44 -- Officer says they are beginning a K9 track from the Stella Walk shooting. An officer also says that there may be a link between the two shootings.

8:45 -- Officer says they've found the Dufferin shooting victim, complaining he can't breathe, and they need a rush on the ambulance. They found him between two houses in the rear of 495 Dufferin.

8:46 -- Officer says the teen girl who was shot on Stella is about to be transported to hospital. She is unstable.

8:47 -- Police officer at the zombie walk advises the crowd is beginning to disperse, and they hope that in the next 20 minutes or so it may "play itself out" and free up police officers.

8:48 -- Police ask for additional units to attend both shootings to assist in taking witness statements.

8:51 -- K9 unit says they have run into "large amount of foot traffic" while tracking Stella Walk shooter, making it difficult to follow the suspect's scent, also says he may have fled on a bike.

8:53 -- Police on Dufferin ask for more units "ASAP." Several night shift units start assigning themselves.

8:58 -- Dufferin victim is being transported to hospital in critical condition.

9:12 -- Police officer on Magnus reports hearing two gunshots northeast of their location.

9:14 -- Call comes in for 486 Boyd Avenue. "Male shot in the chest."

9:15 -- Numerous units assigned to the first two shootings are now assigning themselves to the latest attack and racing to the scene.

9:17 -- Police on scene of Boyd shooting, come up asking for a rush on ambulance.

9:18 -- Officer says that the adult male victim is "unresponsive."

9:19 -- Officer asks if they can get help from other areas of the city. Dispatcher says they have notified sergeants in all districts. They are calling out all their night shift help to go assist in the North End.

9:20 -- Police says the victim appears to have been shot in his doorway "as well." "It appears this male may be ringing or knocking on doors and then shooting when they open."

9:21 -- Officer asks for an ETA on the ambulance.

9:24 -- Police set up various checkpoints in the area and start stopping traffic to block off a large scene.

9:26 -- As more police units are assigned, officers have to ask which of the three shootings they are headed to.

9:27 -- K9 officer tracking first shooting says he believes the suspect is likely fleeing on a bike, as no scent being left behind.

9:30 -- Boyd shooting victim has been rushed to hospital in critical condition. The police manhunt is in full force, with at least 20 cars involved from half a dozen units, including homicide, major crime, tactical, street crime and patrol. It will continue throughout the night.


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