QUOTES from a rear-view mirror... And now a sampling of memorable words from the serious to the silly. All clipped from columns dated 2015:

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This article was published 31/12/2015 (2374 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.


QUOTES from a rear-view mirror... And now a sampling of memorable words from the serious to the silly. All clipped from columns dated 2015:

  • "There were a few. It was a very close race for a while. And we had no idea who was going to come out in front." -- Winnipeg police Sgt. John O'Donovan, on the list of suspects in the Tina Fontaine homicide investigation, before it came down to one.
  • "I put a key logger on the computer that would take a picture of the screen every 10 seconds, And every time she would type on the keyboard, it would email and text me what was on there." -- A Winnipeg area man, recounting how he traced his cheating wife's activity with a married man she met on the adultery-oriented online dating website ashleymadison.com.
  • "Are you falling in love with me?" -- The same man who tracked his wife's affair with a married man she met on Ashley Madison, recounting how he got down to basics with the other man's wife on the way to marrying her three years later.
  • "Tragedy happens. I don't think, 'Why me?' A lot of bad things happen all over, so I don't really think it's anything specific to me." -- Maria Mitousis, three months after being victimized by a package bomb explosion, speaking at a news conference where she thanked police and paramedics for saving her life, even if no one could save her right hand.
  • "I take my hat off to the police department." -- Glenn Price, toking up at a pot-in outside the Public Safety Building in July, just days before the cops raid his unlicensed medical marijuana store and arrest him.
  • "They do keep you young." -- Now 64-year-old former Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz, philosophizing on news he was about to become a father for the fourth time.
  • "I said, 'It was sunflower seeds.' He says, 'It does not matter, it was littering.' " -- Dave Watt, a former Winnipegger visiting from New Zealand, recalling what happened when he was pulled over and issued a $170 fine for tossing husks out the sunroof -- that happened to hit a police cruiser windshield.
  • ñ "Seasoned flavour." -- A city cop in a cruiser, when a citizen who read the column about the New Zealand visitor asked the officer what kind of sunflower seeds he was eating and tossing out the window.
  • "It has nothing to do with the gender issue." -- Don Comack, a longtime member of the St. Andrews Society and one of the leaders of an internal revolt after the St. Andrews Society of Winnipeg general membership voted to finally accept women commenting mere months before he and other dissidents resigned and held their own, men-only St. Andrews day dinner.
  • "Hi. My name is Tusk Normand, and I'm a care-giving cat." -- The start of a letter sent to the Free Press that helped keep Tusk and the man he cares for together when the landlord wanted the cat gone.
  • "Does the #Winnipeg chopper realize the entire West End can hear their convo about blow jobs right now." -- A Twitter report, after a crew member of the city police's Air1 helicopter inadvertently activated the public address system.
  • "It's an attack on all of us." -- Winnipeg police Sgt. Nick Paulet, after a man, apparently angry about police giving him a distracted-driving ticket, used a company truck to play demolition derby with a row of cop cars parked outside the central police station.
  • "It's very complicated." -- Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries executive Andrea Kowal, commenting in August on why Manitoba has the highest overall booze prices in the country after she inadvertently released a confidential national survey.
  • "'Ha, ha, ha.'" -- A River Heights resident, who had just had his car broken into for the third time in six months, recalling how a police officer who took the call reacted when he heard what neighbourhood the victim was calling from.
  • "Turning over a new leaf." -- A nom-de-plume of a remorseful burglar, who anonymously returned an iPod and two bikes he stole from a family in -- you guessed it -- River Heights.
  • "Year after year, we all say we're going to turn over a new leaf and be better people. And the best way to begin is the way the first note from 'Turning over a new leaf' ended. With a 'sorry.' A sorry to the ones we've hurt or harmed." -- Those last words, summing up the column on the remorseful burglar, are from Yours Truly.

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