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When I studied law in Toronto, it was a time in my life when I especially noticed how much I appreciated my family, my friends, and the natural beauty of home. Toronto was a place where people just didn’t seem to relate to the dry, self-deprecating humour we love so much, here in Winnipeg. (It’s no accident that the Winnipeg Comedy Festival is CBC TV’s top-rated comedy festival series – because we get all the jokes.)

While in Toronto, I was often homesick for Winnipeg, Manitoba. Because, for me, this place is the heart of everything: the country, the continent, and our stories together.

I always knew that I would come back home to Manitoba. Because it’s a microcosm of all that’s beautiful and best in Canada. The grasslands, the parklands, the forests, the tundra, the glittering lakes and the spectacular Hudson Bay seascape. The First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples who loved the land long before any outsider, and who love and protect it still. And the gathering of so many peoples, cultures, and languages here, in a great, unfinished, experiment in building community.

These things capture my heart, and compel my love for my city and my province. The sheer kindness and decency of Manitobans gives me hope. From young and old alike, I’ve heard their desire to listen and learn, and walk the Journey of Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. I’ve heard so many Manitobans voice their longing for an end to racism, and it makes me love the future I know we can build together.

Even through drought and flood and depression and war and the stress of the pandemic, Manitobans have always been resilient and caring and strong for one another. It’s a special kind of generosity and strength in our community, that makes me proud to call this place home.

Winnipeg, and Manitoba, have given me so much joy, in every season. The joy of leading my sons in my grandfather’s footsteps, fishing in the Winnipeg River. The joy of taking a quiet walk along Victoria Beach in the autumn, with my wife Tracy. The joy of breathing the pure air and hiking through the astonishing beauty of places like McGillivray Falls, Spruce Woods Park, and the Pembina Valley. The joy of skating for hours on our frozen rivers and the backyard rink. And the wonder of knowing, in this vast and amazing province, there’s always so much yet to see.
When I consider my life, and all the people and places and moments that matter to me, they are all wrapped up forever in one beautiful word, rooted in Cree and Ojibway: “Manitoba.”

Meegwetch, merci, and thank you, Manitoba.

Mayor Brian Bowman
City of Winnipeg

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