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Manitoba's Beauty, Art, Culture, Agriculture and History

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Manitoba has an abundance of natural resources, valleys, forests and lakes. We have amazing places like Riding Mountain National Park and Hecla Provincial Park, Big Valley, the Carberry Sandhills, and hundreds of northern lakes that prominently feature the rugged Canadian Shield. Although we can’t all go see these attractions, most communities have parks, gardens and horticultural societies that bring a piece of nature to the urban setting. My late mother was a member of a local horticulture group and got great satisfaction from helping to organize and tend flower beds and greenery. From city and town, to village and hamlet, Manitoba offers beauty to its residents and visitors, with a multitude of annuals, perennials, shrubs, hanging baskets, and lovingly designed green spaces. The parks provide space for children to play, a place for bees to pollinate, and a much-needed opportunity for people of all walks of life to sit in quiet reflection. Thank you to the town crews, horticulture groups and volunteers for their diligent, hard work!

In difficult times, arts and culture often drop to the bottom of the priority list.  However, Manitoba makes a concerted effort to support its artistic communities. Whether it’s theatre, First Nations art exhibits, the music of the WSO, literary works or local art galleries, our province values creativity. Schools are pleased to offer art and music classes, municipalities and businesses support student achievements in the arts, and various cultural events throughout the year celebrate Manitobans’ diversity. For many, it’s a much-anticipated annual treat to attend Dauphin Country Fest, Folklorama, a Christmas symphony or a Pow Wow. Art and music are an expression of joy, sorrow, spirituality, hope and human frailty. It’s wonderful to see so many art forms giving beauty and strength to Manitobans.

Our province has endured hardship and conflict. After its founding in 1870, people struggled to eke out a living. It has seen massive flooding, storms, wars and droughts. Despite it all, the people gained strength, digging in to do the work that needed to be done. Most Manitobans can tell stories of their grandparents or great-grandparents—the farmers, trappers, hunters, one-room school teachers (and the list goes on)—who did the awesome work that allowed us to live as we do today. I’ve shared a picture of a sock that I darned with wool. It represents the hundreds of thousands of feet that trod Manitoba’s fields, streets and country roads. Hard work has immense merit and, as a testament to those who scrape by every day, a “darned sock” shows how determined they are to make it. Whether it is the single mom working two jobs, a young man who eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches five days a week so he can make ends meet, a teenager shoveling his elderly neighbor’s snow, or an ancestor who lived in a sod house, Manitoba can lay claim to a strong work ethic, good character and independence.

One of the things all Manitobans agree on is that we love food: ethnic food, fast food, gourmet food, snack food, finger food, vegan food, and birthday party for a one-year-old food. As a province whose main economic driver is agriculture, that’s a good thing. To honor our farmers and ranchers, Manitoba has annual events in many communities, such as the Manitoba Thresherman’s Reunion, Steinbach’s Pioneer Days, the Morden Corn and Apple Festival, Brandon’s Ag Days, 4-H Achievement Days and so on. Farmers in Manitoba put their heart into growing our food and marketing it. It’s common to see Farmer’s Markets around Winnipeg and other towns. And isn’t it a delight, driving down a highway in late summer, to see a wagon full of vegetables or fruit, a young farm kid manning it? Even more incredible is when the wagon is unmanned, a simple cardboard sign announcing, “Prices listed. Pick what you like, the money can is under the shelf.” From a juicy strawberry, to a summer BBQ’s sizzling burger, to a sweet corn cob, to the fields of wheat that end up in the bread at the bakery, Manitoba has proudly filled our plates for over a hundred years!

In most Manitoba towns, on any given day, it is delightful to hear English, Tagalog, French, Punjabi, Cree, Spanish and other languages. Yet the voices blend well, because we share a common purpose: to live and raise our families in Manitoba. The final picture I included is of my late father, whose family immigrated to Canada in the late 1800s. They came in search of a better life, leaving behind wars, poverty, oppression and tyranny. Raised in a one-room cabin as a child, my father helped with the nonstop, heavy labor on the family farm. He went on to get a university education and become a teacher. Today, new immigrants don’t have to handle a one-bottom plough or build a log cabin by hand, but they’re still happy to give their all. Manitoba is replete with shining stars: future community leaders, teachers and engineers. We are all invested in each other here. When one Manitoban succeeds, we all celebrate. This sense of hope, belonging, and family is a treasure well worth preserving, one that will ensure Manitoba’s continued resiliency in the 21st century.


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