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My Memories of Manitoba Moments

My Manitoba moment of arrival was 1950 in Thicket Portage located on the bay line south of Thompson. My humble Metis beginnings was in a family of 17 children.
    I attended a residential school for four years, Manitoba’s largest school division at Cranberry Portage. I represented Cranberry Portage in The Pas Trapper’s Festival Fur Queen Pageant and was Fur crowned 1st Princess. Later that year I entered the Miss Indian Princess Pageant of Manitoba as a contestant. We attended Thompson Nickel days and Flin Flon Trout Festival. Those were my Manitoba Royalty Days.
   I travelled extensively throughout our province. And in various modes of transportation – bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, carload of kids, truck on the winter road and frozen lake, airplanes, helicopter, pontoon boat, bombardier, canoe, dog team, sea-doo, skidoo, horseback, water taxi, train and the Paddlewheel and River Rouge.
   I’ve visited all of Manitoba’s cities, a lot of towns and villages, peace gardens, parks, and hunting and fishing camps. I lived in Sundance, once a hydro thriving community that no longer exists today. I started my working life in a 2000- man Hydro dam camp, where I was one of the few women on site. What more can a woman ask for!
    I loved attending festivals. A memorable one was held in Erickson featuring “The Tadpole Race”. That year there was an influx of tadpoles, so this was added as a fun event. In Snow Lake I went pickerel fishing with my brother Ernie and we both had our limit within the hour. In moose hunting with him our moose was snagged before we even set up camp. How’s that for a fishing and hunting tale?!
    I flew into a goose camp on the Hudson’s Bay coastline where on opening day of hunting hundreds and hundreds of geese flew over my blind. I shot my first goose and had a huge purple bruise when the shot gun backfired. A polar bear entered our camp; I experienced a broken ankle during my escape from the roof of a shed. We all got our limit of ten geese even though I left rather battered.
   Manitoba cuisine is multifaceted, rich and appealing. To the Fall Suppers, (one season I attended twelve) Spring Teas with their fancy sandwiches, raffles of great prizes and all the quaint restaurants. I’ve hosted my “Bannock Brunches” with Manitoba inspired recipes, jellies I proudly mastered served with good’ole Manitoba slab bacon and background fiddle music by MB artists.
    I have been to all three territories and every province except Prince Edward Island. I lived in the Artic for 22 years. While there I organized an Inter-Provincial Bonspiel where I represented Manitoba, our team won the spiel! I downed my Manitoba sweatshirt and displayed our flag at the club.
    Being north of the treeline our campfires consisted of pallets. I much prefer our wood. What I missed most was the Manitoba trees, different in regions but all so picturesque. It’s amazing what we take for granted.
    The “Manitoba, Canada’s Heart… Beats” slogan resonates with me. If I was to hang out at Portage Place on any given day I would without fail run into someone I knew from the North. It would always be a warm welcome, a gentle handshake and genuine embrace. This to me epitomizes “Friendly Manitoba”!
   For our youth reading this – you are our future. We have paved the way for you. Your potential in this great province is limitless. Experiences await you just like they did for me. I once asked an elder in a nursing home what was her one regret. Her response…
“I wished I would’ve travelled more. I had the chances and I always passed them up.”
   Life is just too precious to live in regret. Manitoba beckons….may your heart beat with excitement and adventure as you create your own Manitoba Moments. After all, everyone enjoys a love story!


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I love my MB sunsets!


My Memories of Manitoba Moments


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