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Thu, Jan 30, 2014

Longer episodes? Future seasons?

WindCity is the first of its kind - a locally-branded web series. Let’s break this down. First, it’s a web series.

A web series usually consists of very short episodes. It’s online and available on demand. You typically watch it on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.  It’s “sit-forward” entertainment. You catch episodes on the fly, on a coffee break at work or on the bus ride home, for example. At home, people typically enjoy “sit-back” entertainment.  You have a couple of hours to kill, so you cozy up on the couch to watch a movie or favourite show on TV.

Now, what we’ve consistently heard from fans is, “We want longer episodes!” This is something we’ll definitely consider moving forward. And that’s the other thing we hear from fans. “Is there more? Are you planning for Season 2?” I’ll get to that, but please let me unpack the meaning of “locally branded entertainment” by describing “locally branded.”

Locally branded means Winnipeg becomes a character on the show, having great local companies invest in the show in exchange for screen time. Entertainment has a long history of being financed by brands through advertising. But these days, people hate having their entertainment interrupted with ads. We’ve become quite efficient at avoiding them all together. So instead of interrupting people’s leisure time, why couldn’t brands provide that leisure time and engage their own audience with content that is interesting to that audience? WindCity seeks to do this at a local level.

Great local companies have partnered with us to create a show with interesting characters and a good story that hopefully makes people feel good about the place they live.  Of course, this only makes good business sense if there is an audience watching it.  WindCity must engage a local audience in order to have any chance at continuing into future seasons.

So, what lies ahead for WindCity? Well, there is so much more of a story to tell.  Season 2, 3 and beyond can tell that story.  Dylan’s last speech in Episode 6 really excites me:

It's about all the exciting and unique changes in our city. The Jets are back in the loudest arena in North America. We've got polar bears, a new stadium, a new airport, new hotels, and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights!

A new Winnipeg is emerging and WindCity can continue to showcase the great things that are happening here.  But future seasons of the show all depend on the success of Season 1, and that comes down to “views”!  The more views we get, the better chance we have at producing more seasons…and quite possibly even longer episodes!  So if you’re a fan, please help us!

We invite you to spread the word. Follow the show on our various social media channels and tell your family and friends about it.

Now that all 6 episodes are up, I think people will want to watch them back-to-back and that’s great.  But there’s still more!  Over the next couple weeks, we will be releasing a ton of behind-the-scenes videos, images and blog posts. So please, keep coming back!

- Paul Vieira