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Fri, Jan 17, 2014

Not Just Another Teen Actor

WindCity’s youngest cast member, 15-year-old Abbey Thickson, is certainly holding her own as Olivia – the daughter of leading on-and-off couple Dylan and Kate Brady.

Abbey came to the show with film, commercial and theatre work under her belt, and tells us she was thrilled to broaden her horizons with this web series opportunity. Listen in as Abbey tells us about the laughs and “good times” she shared with the WindCity team – a group she’s happy to now call “family.”

What does it mean to you to be a part of this production?

To me the people on this production are like a second family. Everyone looks out for each other and cares and supports each other, even when things get stressful on set. Everyone is forgiving and loving, and that is what this production is like all of the time. It is an amazing experience to meet such talented people, and now have those people who were once strangers become my family. They brought their knowledge and friendship into my life through this production, and the show, along with having a great story line, is a beautiful way to connect with our city.

Tell us a bit about Olivia – she’s stuck in the middle of her parents impending split and seems to be forced to act way beyond her age.

She is very mature for her age, always taking care of Dylan (her dad) and playing the parental role. She also wants Kate (her mom) to have a little more fun and enjoy life. I relate well to this character. I sometimes feel that I am mature for my age as well and find my parents to be similar to Kate and Dylan in some ways.

Olivia is a dancer, which I am also. Olivia wishes her parents would get back together as I assume most children of separations do (even though relating to that was a bit of a challenge since my parents are happily married).

I am excited to dig deeper into this story and into the character of Olivia. I feel she relates to many pre-teens and teenagers that are going through the same thing.

Watch Abbey take on the role of daughter, parent, mediator and fun-maker on the next episode of WindCity.