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Wed, Feb 12, 2014

Not "just a banker"... Not "just a bank"

Have you met Morgan Gunnarsson - WindCity's RBC Royal Bank's employee extraordinaire? Morgan is a true financial advisor who impressed us with RBC's diverse capabilities.

We first meet Morgan in episode 1 as she was striving to provide Dylan and Kate financial advice about their business at one of RBC's retail stores. In this scene, we find Dylan interacting with RBC's touch screen technology as they explore their options in one of RBC's open concept stores.

In episode 2, Morgan meets Dylan at a local restaurant to discuss business financing options. This non-traditional setting for a client meeting reflects RBC's mobile sales force capabilities. Because convenience and time are important to their clients, financial advisors will meet customers anytime, anywhere.

RBC employees go above and beyond for their clients and they do the same for their communities. The next time we see Morgan is when Dylan seeks her out at the United Way Plane Pull event. Looking like a superhero in her blue cape, Morgan is able to advise Dylan on his next steps, share a little about RBC's involvement in the community from the Pride Parade to the RBC Blue Water Project, all while leading her team of RBC volunteers as they pull a large airplane across the finish line!

Finally, as Morgan is celebrating Dylan's successful client meeting with the rest of the WindCity gang she mentions RBC's "Language Line" in response to a misunderstanding. What isn't a misunderstanding is that RBC recognizes that a challenge for newcomers to Canada is how to overcome potential language barriers. That is why RBC provides a service that enables clients to do business with RBC in over 144 languages through a three-way confidential call. It really is about tailored financial advice.

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