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Freep reporter's furry friend a fresh advertising face
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Freep reporter's furry friend a fresh advertising face

Happy Monday!

We could all use a bit of motivation at this time of year so I thought I’d share a heartwarming story about a colleague of mine who found inspiration, and friendship, in a four-legged friend.

Longtime business reporter Martin Cash and I have worked together since my early days as the newsroom receptionist on Carlton Street. That was a long time ago — 32 years to be exact — and even though my office duties have evolved, Martin continues covering everything financial, including skyrocketing prices of Christmas trees in Winnipeg and rate reductions for MPI customers.

The man is a true-blue journalist, the kind of dedicated, hardworking newsman that nails the odd scoop and always, always files his stories on time.

I adore Martin, but in all honesty, he’s never been much of a dog person.

So, when our dapper scribe adopted an adorable golden doodle a couple of years ago, a few of my colleagues and I were, shall we say, slightly shocked.

"Our daughters bought Freddie as a birthday present for my wife, who loved her dogs when she was a kid and has wanted to get one for years,” Martin says. “I never had a dog as a kid. I always enjoyed them but I never felt the need to have one.”

Freddie, Martin’s furry friend. (Supplied photo)

Martin admits he enjoyed his lifestyle and didn’t want to have it disrupted by the commitment of having a dog. But it turns out Freddie, now a 70-pound gangly goof with a bad habit of stealing women’s mitts stole more than just Martin’s free and easy ways.

In a word, the guy is love-struck.

These days, Martin and Freddie spend a couple of hours each day wandering around their River Heights neighbourhood, meeting new furry faces — he likes other doodles the best — and people along the way.

It’s a new pastime Martin says has been freeing and rewarding.

“I relate to the kind of fun kids like to have,” he says. “A young dog likes to have the same kind of goofy, rough-housing kind of fun and so I get to enjoy experiencing that same kind of energy.”

Martin says super affectionate Freddie, the latest furry face behind an EQ3 advertising campaign for the new, expansive furniture store in Polo Park, has been more than just an active ball of fur.

Freddie in his advertising debut. (Supplied photo)

The well-formed crossbreed with a curly, soft coat has also helped Martin, a former runner, get over his debilitating injuries from years of jogging.

“By the time we got Freddie I was sore or injured more often than not,” Martin says, adding he has since given up running and walks Freddie enough for it to be his prime venue for exercise.

“And walking doesn’t hurt.”

Neither does a cold, wet nose and a warm, furry face!

Happy New Year everyone!

Leesa Dahl

Leesa Dahl

Ready Pet Go

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