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Returning to the scene of the crime
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Returning to the scene of the crime

It’s been nearly six years since I walked away from my life of crime (writing) and moved into the Toy Department here at the Free Press.

For various reasons, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. But that doesn’t mean I’ve completely left the old life in the past.

I still keep in touch with plenty of friends and contacts I made during my 21 years on the beat, including cops, lawyers and judges and so many incredible families I met along the way. I follow what’s happened with cases and people I covered. I pass on tips and leads to colleagues at the paper. I get questions from folks about the six books I penned and the Crime & Punishment radio show I hosted for a decade.

And, occasionally, I get pulled back into that world for related projects that pique my interest, as is the case today.

As you’re reading this, I’m in the midst of shooting the first three episodes for a locally produced new scripted series that is set to air in both Canada and the United States later this year.

Yours Truly has been cast in the role of “journalist” — please, no jokes about what a stretch that’s going to be! — who weighs in on various real-life cases that have occurred all over North America, some of them dating back decades.

There are some real talented folks involved, and I’m excited to see the finished product. I’ll share more information about it as production wraps and we get closer to the debut of my ugly mug — a face that is more fit for radio — on your television screen.

Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre, Sports columnist

Mike McIntyre

Law and the wrong order

I binged through Season 4 of Ozark over the past few days, starting it while I was in Boston covering the Winnipeg Jets and finishing it Monday night on my final flight home from Pittsburgh through Minneapolis.

No spoilers here, of course. But the seven episodes were terrific. The usual tense, dramatic slow burn combined with top-notch writing, incredible acting and stunning visuals.

Ruth Langmore, played by the incredible Julia Garner, is one of my favourite characters of all time, in any show. I can’t wait for the second half to drop later this year (the final season has been split into two parts).

One word of warning, and this goes for watching any series — make sure you are starting it in the proper order. And, perhaps just as important, it’s never a great idea to start something on little to no sleep.



I learned this the hard way when I watched what I thought was S4 Episode 1 last Friday evening, running on fumes after pulling an all-nighter last Thursday in Nashville to finish off a big feature story, then flying into Boston that morning, covering Jets practice and only catching a quick catnap.

I kept wondering why they seemed to skip over so many important plot points from Season 3 with little in the way of explanation.

Jason Bateman, left, and Laura Linney in Ozark. (Steve Dietl / Netflix / TNS)

It was only when the hour-long episode ended and the next one automatically cued up on Netflix that I realized the problem — it was taking me to S4 Episode 3. Because I had just started with S4 Episode 2.


Naturally, I went and watched the real Episode 1, which sure answered a lot of those burning questions I had. And made Episode 2 make a lot more sense in the process.

Anyways, if you’ve finished S4 and want to talk about it, my email inbox is open. I have SO MANY THOUGHTS!

Next up for me: Yellowstone and Succession, which colleague Jason Bell has assured me I will love. Fun fact about Jay, a fellow Ozark fan. He owns a parrot, aptly named MARTY BIRD!

I got to experience a maskhole in the wild

Speaking of flying back from Pittsburgh…

We nearly had to turn back on Monday afternoon as we made our way to Minneapolis, thanks to a woman seated in the row behind me who repeatedly refused to wear her mask.

She was travelling with a number of family members, including young children, and apparently felt she was above federal guidelines and didn’t have to play by the same set of rules.

The extremely patient crew on Delta had three separate conversations that turned into warnings, the final one being that the plane was going to be turned around for an emergency landing if she didn’t smarten up.

She eventually did, sort of, although she played fast and loose by nursing a package of almonds and a soft drink for the final 90 minutes of the flight, allowing her to keep her mask pulled down for long stretches of time on a technicality because she claimed to be eating and drinking.

I figured this would happen sooner or later, and I’m surprised it took until the fourth month of travelling for this current Jets season to run into one of these “maskholes” we often hear about.

It was a vivid reminder of how selfish some folks can be, unfortunately.



That’s all I’ve got for this week, folks. Be well, stay warm, wear your mask when required and we’ll talk again in this space next Thursday.

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